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Sheriff’s Budget Buster

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Sheriff’ Budget Should Be Reduced By 10-20 Percent

For quite some time, people within Lake County government have been whispering about the huge budget of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, and Sheriff Gary Borders’ unwillingness to make shared sacrifices.  According to well-placed sources inside Lake County government, last year Welton Cadwell, then Chairman of the Lake County Board of County Commissioners (BCC), approached Sheriff Borders about making reasonable accommodations to reduce his department’s budget, and he refused to cooperate.  Our group recognizes that Sheriff Borders and his department have served the people of Lake County very well, and this newsletter has nothing to do with their professionalism or commitment to service; rather, it’s all about the money and the lack of it.

Recently, Sheriff Borders announced he was going to dig deep to cut his budget a whopping $2 million, or 3.1 percent.  Most considered this an unimpressive reduction, but at least he wasn’t seeking to increase his budget like previous years.  The joy of Sheriff Borders’ cooperation faded fast when it was discovered that most of his budget cut ($1.8-$1.9 million) was due to the reduction in retirement expenses as a result of employees now being required to contribute to their state pensions.  In actuality, Sheriff Borders made no budget concessions based on reduced inmate populations and crime rates.  The BCC has had enough, and they are asking Sheriff Borders to reduce his budget by a true 5 percent.

The BCC is responsible for setting the Sheriff’s budget, and for some reason, last year none of the commissioners challenged Borders on his budget.  One source tells us the commissioners were concerned Borders would appeal any previous cuts to then Governor Charlie Crist and his cabinet (state statute for appeal) on the grounds the county was not funding his department properly.  However, with the election of Governor Rick Scott and a fiscally conservative cabinet, those concerns are greatly diminished given Florida’s $3.5 billion budget deficit.

It is time to make all departments of government accountable for the people’s money, and the Sheriff’s budget should be on the table just like any other government service.  Last year, Lake County had to dip into its reserves by $11 million, and with an almost 9 percent reduction in property tax revenue this year, the cuts must be deeper – maybe $10 million.

According to official Lake County budget report documents, these are the facts on the Sheriff’s budget.

  • In 2000, the Lake County Sheriff’s Department had a budget of $28,640,619 and 535 employees.
  • For the current fiscal 2010-2011 year the Sheriff’s Department has a budget of $62,567,216 and 765 employees.
  • In the last 10 years, the Sheriff’s budget has increased by $33,926,597 (or a whopping 118.5 percent) and their employee head count has increased by 230.

These numbers are staggering, especially considering the huge economic recession/depression Lake County has fallen into since 2008.  Surely a budget increase of this magnitude must mean the responsibilities of the Sheriff’s Department have grown by more than two times either through geographical growth or population growth.

Geographical growth is not a factor because the complete opposite is true – since 2001, the geographical coverage of the Sheriff’s Department has dramatically declined.

  • Lake County has not annexed any other land from surrounding counties.
  • Many cities within Lake County had large annexations of property; in the last decade, we estimate that Lake County’s unincorporated areas lost approximately 110 square miles to the cities.
  • The Sheriff’s Department is responsible for police coverage in Minneola and Montverde, but, according to the Sheriff’s budget, those two communities are paying all of their expenses.

Based on the recent census, Lake County had significant population growth in the last decade, but the population numbers grew significantly less in the unincorporated areas.

  • According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Lake County’s population in 2010 was 297,052 and its population in 2000 was 210,509.
  • From 2000 to 2010 Lake County added 86,543 people, or had a decade-growth-rate of 41.1 percent.
  • According to the U.S. Census Bureau, from 2000 to 2010, the population in the unincorporated areas of Minneola and Montverde increased by 38,670 to 165,116, or a decade-growth-rate of 30.5 percent.
  • The 2010 census numbers show the unincorporated areas grew at a substantially lower rate than the cities.  So, the actual population number the Sheriff’s Department is responsible for has dropped in relative terms.

Now, it’s time to combine the data and put in the correlations.

  • In the last 10 years, the budget for the Lake County Sheriff’s Department has grown by $33.9 million (or 118.5 percent).
  • The employee headcount for the Sheriff’s Department has increased by 230 people.
  • The Sheriff’s Department is responsible for approximately 165,116 Lake County residents, which is up by 38,670 people (or 30.5 percent) since 2000.
  • Due to city annexation, the Sheriff’s Department covers an estimated 110 less square miles.
  • According to the Lake County Sheriff’s Department records, the average number of inmates in the local jail was 1,047 per month.  In 2011, the average inmate population dropped 15.9 percent to 880.  This is a huge savings.

Extrapolate the numbers to hard data, and it is clear the Sheriff’s Department budget is bloated.

  • Based on the 2000 Lake County census population versus the total Sheriff’s budget, the county spent $136.05 for every resident in the county, both in the cities and unincorporated areas.
  • The county is now spending $210.63 for every resident in the county, both in the cities and unincorporated areas.  That is a whopping 54.8 percent increase in spending per resident.
  • Lake County is spending $74.58 more per resident for the Sheriff’s Department budget, and the geographical area for the Sheriff’s Department has shrunk by an estimated 110 square miles.
  • Since 2000, the Sheriff’s budget has increased by $33.9 million while the county added 86,525 new residents.  This means this year Lake County is spending $391.79 for every new resident in Lake County since 2000.

The numbers make no sense, and it shows a government agency that doesn’t understand there’s a limit to the people’s money.

What is missing in the discussion is that as Lake County grew over the last decade, productivity in the Sheriff’s Department should have increased with larger populations and enhanced technology.  Instead, productivity for the Sheriff’s Department basically stayed the same, as there was one Sheriff’s Department employee for every 393 people in 2000 compared to one Sheriff’s Department employee for every 388 people in 2010.  Not only has the county grossly overspent in this department, but they have lost the efficiencies of higher population and technology.

Another factor to consider is with the advent of smart phones and other technologies crime is down, and, according to Sheriff Borders, so is his inmate population.  In fact, his inmate population is down to a point that he is eagerly seeking business from the federal corrections system.

Our group encourages Sheriff Borders to become a part of solving the overall budget crisis in Lake County.  His department’s budget must be put in correlation to the economic baselines of 2000 adjusted for population and inflation.

  • In 2000, the Sheriff’s Department spent $136.05 per every resident in Lake County, Florida.  With a total inflation rate of 23.2 percent since 2001-2010, today’s rate expenditure per resident should be $167.61.
  • Based on that simple extrapolation to current population the Sheriff’s budget for the current year should be $49,788,886 or $12,788,330 less.  This year, Lake County had to pull $11 million out of reserves, and if the Sheriff’s budget was in line they could have balanced their budget.
  • Yet, the Sheriff’s Department asked for and received a 1.3 percent budget increase.

If a fiscally conservative Sheriff were in place, his budget could probably be reduced further, given the reduced geographic area and enhancements in technology over the last decade.  The BCC is calling for Sheriff Borders to reduce his budget by 5 percent; however, if he had an austere budget, as most citizens in Lake County do, his budget should be reduced by 20 percent.  Based on the reduced geography, upgrades in technology, smart phones, and reduced crime, a 5 percent reduction in the Sheriff’s budget is not large enough – it should at least be 10 percent or greater.

Public sector employees, including law enforcement, must understand that America is broke, and the taxpayers don’t have anymore to give.  It is not a situation in which greedy citizens are trying to hurt public employees.  What’s happening is the chickens of government mismanagement from the last 30 years are coming home to roost.  There are no options and everyone understands some services will be cut.  Just as many families are living on a tight budget with no frills, it must be expected that all areas in our government must do the same thing.

The next phase in law enforcement will be those leaders who can optimize reduced budgets while enhancing services through innovation.  Those law enforcement people who continue to tie money to services will be weeded out by those who say they can do more with less.

Tell us what you think.  Do you think the Sheriff’s budget in the last 10 years should have grown by $33.9 million or 118.5 percent?  Should the BCC hold the Sheriff’s Department accountable for its budget to balance the county’s budget?  Should the Sheriff’s budget be reduced by more than 5 percent?

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  1. Peyton’s Place ~

    Not as good as the hit TV show back in the day but just as much drama if not more.

    Peyton Grinnell the # 2 of Gary S Borders Patrol is groping for the shot at Sheriff. Overthrowing Borders with a Hail Mary in a surprise attack. But the # 2 just doesn’t have the squeaky clean resume and qualifications that a Law Enforcement Official should hold in operating an office such as Lake Sheriff.

    Peyton’s Closet and the Score Card:

    Kathy Belich with Channel 9 – the abusive and battered relationship! She won’t even come back to Lake County!

    The Leesburg Commercial reporter and the sexual encounter under the counter!

    On and off again relationship with Christy Spears Carter Marden and Borders $ 90,000 a year personal secretary. Peyton Grinnell has broken up another wedding bliss with this current episode as her husband and fellow comrade LCSO Sgt. Marden has caught his wife Christy with Peyton Grinnell. The Sgt. has since moved out of his home and away from his estranged wife. Peyton won’t make it easy on Marden as his superior officer either just as past episodes of additional flings have proven.

    Executive Summary:

    Peyton Grinnell born to Ronald Peyton Grinnell and Mary Linda Grinnell in Eustis, Fl.

    Part of Borders Patrol and the unethical and criminal organization of the Sheriffs Office.

    Cheats on his wife Jennifer regularly. She knows it.

    Thinks of himself as a Saudi king with a harem.

    Always stalking his next prey and becomes aggressive if they turn him down.

    Uses his badge of dishonor every chance he gets.

    Often found at the RamShackle’s in Leesburg and will out drink anyone ,anywhere, anytime.

    Likes DUI so well he counters with articles on the subject in the STAR Magazine of Borders.

    Frequently visits Virginia with each graduating class of the FBI training program.

    Visits his harem in Virginia on every trip as his unsuspecting wife Jennifer sits at home.

    Misses his sons ball games regularly as he is too busy being the playboy that he is.

    A sorry excuse as a dad, husband, and representative of law enforcement.

    Most noted as the all time home wrecker from Lake County to Virginia.

    Vows to take Borders position but the underachiever just doesn’t have what it takes.

    Intimidator of the year as he shoves his weight as # 2 around if you don’t play his game.

    Most often found on the golf course boozing it up with his pals and happy hour at RamShackel’s.

    Has eluded the DUI check points of FHP between the Ramshackel’s and Ricker Road while driving our truck for 5 years.

    The one who carried out the orders on firing Lewie Wise when she wouldn’t comply on cooking the financial books as directed by Borders.

    The Lake County Sheriffs Office is just another Peyton Place!

  2. Just one more flaw in the Borders long list of flaws! Borders Brother-In-Law outsmarts the jail phone system and scams enough money to bond himself out of jail!

    The Lake County Sheriff’s Office said Larry Stone Jr, 32, discovered the glitch earlier this month. The phone system charges inmate accounts for calls but refunds the money if the call doesn’t go through. But the system was reimbursing inmates twice for incomplete calls.
    Authorities say Stone repeatedly made calls and hung up until he had more than $1,250 – enough to bond out of jail. Larry Stone Jr. infamous career criminal and older brother of Sheriff Borders main squeeze Corporal Scott Stone was last arrested in April on property-crime charges. Interestingly enough an entire new classification was invented for Larry Stone Jr. He was being held under “administrative lockdown.”

    But, he volunteered pre-sentencing to an outside work detail to clean the jail grounds and such! Why? Because his brother-in-law Sheriff Borders leaves him a carton of cigarettes in a certain garbage can from time to time, that’s why! Major Mass then makes sure Larry gets back to his administrative lockdown area un-harassed with his jail contraband! Nothing like having friends and kin folks in high places! Is Lake County a wonderful place to go to jail or what! I think that depends on who you know and who you b****!

    Stone was only free for a few hours before he was re-arrested. Officials became suspicious by the inmates’ increased phone use. The software error has been fixed and accounts restored to their previous totals. Of all the people in this jail that could have pulled off this scam it’s embarrassing that’s it turns out to be our own sheriff’s brother-in-law! But, let’s give credit where credit is due!


    If this is true no parent of a boy in this Scout Troop should ever let their child go anywhere with these two scout leaders! You can’t get lost on Alexanders Springs run bad enought to take a chopper two hours to find you! And why in the hell did theyhave to video this amazing rescue for the public to see? I know one of the previous bloggers named off a bunch of things that Borders was going to attack on his WARPATH to budget woes, but no one thought even he would stoop so low as to do this! A 100% total fake staged to make Borders look good and expensive!

    Could some of you people remind me what it is about this guy that everyone likes? Maybe he reminds some of you of your uncle you never talked about in the old days!

    DATE: 07/14/2011
    On July 13, 2011 at approximately 9:20 p.m., the Lake County Sheriff’s Office received a report regarding a missing group of 14 boy scouts and their 2 troop leaders. The call came from a scout director at Camp LaNoChe in Paisley who stated the group of 16 had been canoeing earlier in the day in 8 canoes along the Alexander Spring Creek in northern Lake County. He stated they were due to be picked up at approximately 8 p.m. that evening; however, they never arrived at the designated pick-up site along the Alexander Springs Run. Members from the Lake County sheriff’s Road Patrol, Marine Patrol, and Aviation Unit were then dispatched to the area to begin search efforts for the group.

    At approximately 11:10 p.m., the sheriff’s helicopter located the missing group in a heavily-wooded area along the creek utilizing infrared search equipment. The group was located approximately one mile from the designated pick-up site. The Aviation Unit was then able to guide other deputies to the 16, who were brought out of the woods safe and unharmed.

    There were nine deputies involved in this effort, including the helicopter pilot and his spotter.

    A short clip from the helicopter’s video of the rescue can be viewed by following this link: .

  4. Today the Lake County Commission voted 3-2 with Commissioners Cadwell, Campione and Conner prevailing, to ask Sheriff Gary Borders to cut an additional $1.5 Million from his budget. Today, sheriff Borders offered to cut a measley additional $1 Million besides the $2 million he claimed last month to be cutting. Last month the sheriff lied about cutting his budget by $2 million by taking advantage of $2 million he would no longer need to fund the 3% retirement benefits now required to be funded direct from his employee’s! Smoke and Mirrors!

    Commissioner Leslie Campione pointed out the county can not continue to take money from reserves to balance the budget and she outlined the consequences that will occur. But, she still supports the emergency operations center we can not afford and do not need!

    Commissioner Welton Cadwell has consistently asked the sheriff to help the county by making budget cuts and he maintained his position today. Trust me there is something fishy here!

    Conner said making the easy decision is not always the right decision and postponing inevitable cuts is unwise. Conner also pointed out that unless more cuts are made by the sheriff, the Commission will be forced to raise property taxes in the foreseeable future.

    The sheriff has told his insiders that he has no intentions of cutting the budget or laying off anyone! He is mad because he says both Cadwell and Conner originally told him not to cut the budget and that they would stand behind him! He says they have now turned on him! As readers know from the beginning of the budget debacle Sheriff Borders even lied about his total budget amount telling people it was a total of $57.3 million when it is in fact $62.5 million! So, if Borders agrees to cut his budget by either $1 or $1.5 million will that be from the real budget amount or the fake amount Border used which was already $6 million less than the real numbers?

    Based on the sheriff’s inactions today at what was billed as a budget workshop he has simply stalled the process. It is the majority vote of the county commission that the law empowers with setting the budget and the number of authorized employees of all constitutional officers in Lake County. They can spit and sputter and kiss his butter and tell him and the world how much everyone likes him and what a wonderful job he is doing and all those other fantasies that come along with fantasyland but, in the end it’s just like everything else in the world today, it’s all about the money! We the taxpayers of Lake County can not afford the cost to buy Gary Borders all the friends he thinks he needs and pay the ransom for all of those who are blackmailing him for what he is doing! Simply put, it would be much cheaper to buy us a new sheriff!

  5. If the people want to survive the present economic crisis and maybe even worse the upcoming unknown crisis that experts around the world are predicting, they will have to start right here at home by demanding actions that bring about the reconstruction of our society!

    One of the greatest problems facing us as a society is the present day denigration of our federal, state and local law enforcement agencies! Nationwide, almost every day we somehow receive media stories of law enforcements failure to respond to calls! This is not an accident this is a national emergency!

    People of otherwise normal mental capacity have recently been outraged at the jury and their verdict in the Casey Anthony Case. How many people have you heard become outraged at the disclosure of the Orange County Sheriff’s departments handling of the calls from Roy Kronk regarding his finding of the skull. These recorded calls began on August 11, 2008 when among other things he was told to call Crimeline or he wouldn’t get a reward! The Sheriff’s Dectective assigned to the missing child case told others in his office not to respond because “that area has been searched!” As we know Kronk called again on August 12 and 13 of 2008 to no avail.
    So, was it Roy Kronk who decided to hide the body for four months to the day in order to “get the reward?” Or was it the Orange County Sheriff’s dispatchers who told him to hang up and call Crimeline, also to no avail that finally just made him give up?

    Like the present economic crisis we are living, this is also a national problem! Failure to respond to 911 calls is an ongoing crisis right here in Lake County! The method of response depends on the mood of the responders and not the nature of the call!

    For any law Enforcement agency to tell a caller to hang up and call Crimeline is in itself criminal! Every crime reported on local media stations that requests the public’s help in locating a perpetrator tells the callers to call Crimeline! They are quick to tell everyone if you fail to call Crimeline first you will not get a reward!

    To all the people who have allowed the Casey Anthony trial results to turn their world upside down! To make harsh statements concerning the failure of the system and such! Remember this child was first acknowledged as missing on July 16, 2008. Roy Kronk made his first call concerning the finding of a skull around three weeks later and right in the neighborhood! The failure of the system began on August 11, 2008 and not on the day of the readings of the not guilty verdicts! Remember real murder trials begin with birth certificates to prove the deceased has first lived. Then they progress to among other things the finding of remains! The state did not put Roy Kronk on the witness stand! Not because he was a bad father! Not because he lied about something! But, because he found the remains of Caylee Anthony just three weeks after she disappeared and law enforcement was to lazy and pompous to respond to the first three calls!

    The people must stop this alienation by what is supposed to be our law enforcement agencies and require all law enforcement agencies to take back their responsibilities to serve all the public at all times and not just some of the public as they individually see fit! Tell your law enforcement agencies to start answering their own calls for service! Crimeline is apparently so well politically heeled they have been able to destroy and place a filter between crimes and what are supposed to be our crime solvers! Again it’s all about the money! If Crimeline really cared about the vctims they would work with law enforcement to see that those who deserve to be rewarded actually are! If a friction exists between Crimeline and Law enforcement it is we the people and victims who are suffering for it!

    Last Sunday evening Diane Sawyer done a very interesting documentary on the Jaycee Dugard story. Kidnapped at age eleven and kept in various sheds and tents in the backyard of a registered sex offender on federal and state probation for 18 years! She had two children by her kidnapper! During this time officials visited the home sixty times! Neighbors called in 2006 about seeing children in the backyard! No one responded! Two female campus police thought he was acting strange when he took two daughters to their campus. Old fashioned intuition kicked in and they started checking him out! Ultimately it turned out to be the end of eighteen years of hell for Jaycee Dugard and her children! The cost of the settlement for government’s failure to perform their legal duties was $20,000,000. (twenty million dollars) Hardly payment for living in twenty years of hell because officials failed to perform their legal required duties!

    So. In the Anthony case, the system failed from the beginning not just at the end. Crimes must be properly investigated and evidence must be properly preserved. The system went into protection mode! They left out the August 11th 2008 calls! They lied about how many cars the cadaver dog searched. They brought in voodoo evidence. They done everything possible except tell the truth! They even left out the full statement of the medical examiner who said “people report accidental deaths 100% of the time, unless they have a good reason not too!” So what is the real percentage of accidental deaths reported?

    To all those upset and carrying on like juveniles about the Casey Anthony case and trial results, you should refocus your energy regarding the failure of the system. If the old saying “all is well that ends well,” then is it also truth that “all is wrong that ends wrong?”
    Those who want to save the world and fix the system need to demand that law enforcement do the right thing from the beginning, every time! They can’t blame these things on being over worked or over burdened when they have just recently announced crime is at a 40 year low in Central Florida! So the reason must be failure to care or failure to train in proper procedures as well as too lazy to take and respond to the public’s cry for help!

  6. These commissioners and the public (even though Jennifer Hill won’t let them speak!) need to know the the Sheriff of Marion County has not bought any new deputy vehicles since 2007. Marion is just as big if not bigger than Lake. Their deputies take care of their vehicles and they are maintained properly! Can’t say that about some of Borders deputies. Borders little friend Scott Stone that couldn’t pass the sargents test but got the 10% raise anyway, is on his second crown vic in two years! He flipped and totaled the first one on slick road running code to a scene already covered in deputies! But that’s alright Borders is promising all his little boys new Dodge Rams now! Just more kids being kids and costing us millions!

  7. Name says:

    Thanks a bunch that there are still people who know whats really going on behind closed doors. The sheriffs budget problems have been plaguing the people of lake county into the gutter. Alot of people have nothing to eat, no electricity, no water. Yet the sheriff is hoarding every penny he can from taxpayers, all the while crime rates have been at a historic low, the sheriff continues his path of destruction all across the county. He lies more than a congressmen on steroids. Putting together last minute operations, of IMPORTING criminals to lake county, drug stings that net only very small local drug users, and similar circumstances. But noones buying it anymore. People everyday are becoming more and more informed about the theatrics that borders is displaying in order to secure his ridiculous budget. From bribing members of the BCC, to paying off whistle blowers like Ralph Smith and other to not come forward about the what they know.

    Borders will meet the BCC on july 12 and man can you expect a show. He will lie and tell everyone how bad crime is, how much more money he needs, how many drug offenders there are all over the county, yet he does not mention his own offensives of his coked up smile. Thats another gravy train of million coming from thailand and a mount dora elected official. Its sickening whats really going on.


    The Board of Commissioners have asked the Sheriff to reduce his budget by another 5% or about $3-million. This will be an interesting presentation, since he has not reduced staffing much in the last four years, and his $57-60 million budget hasn’t changed much in the four years either (per the 2010-2011 budget book). Last night (Wednesday June 9th 2011), the local North Lake Tea party hosted Sheriff Gary Borders in a presentation, and he was grilled a “bit” about the need to reduce his budget in line with other County operations. The problem is that everyone likes the Sheriff, respects the work they do, but they have not cut their budgets much in line with reduced tax revenues in the last four years, while the Board’s operations have dropped 100 positions and reduced their budget to about 70% of what it was four years ago.

    The above statement was found on a local website run by what some affectionately refer to as one of the three Wisemen. He espouses credentials of internal auditor in some of the biggest concerns around the USA and a couple of years ago he made a year long trip to Afghanistan that actually didn’t last as long as Bob McKee stayed in the Navy when he went to Viet Nam. He lit in here running from the ruins of the state of California a few years back and like any Yankee immediately began telling us all the things we were doing wrong and how they done it better in California! Well, as bad as things are here neither Lake county or the State of Florida is in bankruptcy and Georgia, Alabama is not bidding to talk over part of north Florida yet!

    I for one wish someone would give him a job and shut him up! Maybe that’s why he made all the kind remarks about Borders. He probably knows Peyton Grinnell and his hung over mouth caused Borders to need a new bean counter! He is certainly no friend of the conservative taxpayers of Lake County. Gary Borders budget is so full of holes it looks like someone used double-0 Buckshot on it!

    Ok, so the self appointed chief rascal watchdog states, “Commissioners have asked the Sheriff to reduce his budget by another 5% or about $3-million.” Down here in Florida the word “another” means something must have come before this one and now we are going to do it again! As we all know the sheriff has not actually cut his budget one dime, he used the magical illusion of the disappearing need for pension contributions from the taxpayers to announce he was cutting his budget by $2 million. All smoke and mirrors! So exactly what amount does the county commission want him to cut? The $2 million he lied about plus another three for a total of $5 million? I think they were so shocked that he lied they don’t know what to do now!

    Now let’s address the chief rascal watchdogs statement of “since he has not reduced staffing much in the last four years, and his $57-60 million budget hasn’t changed much in the four years either (per the 2010-2011 budget book).”

    What the watchdog ain’t smelling is the odor or millions of wasted dollars! ($14,000 a month for cell phones) Instead of reducing staff in the last four years the LCSO has grown at an alarming rate. In budget year 2008-09 which is well within the four years mention by the watchdog below taken directly from the BCC minutes show an addition of 35 employee’s. This does not include an additional 4 deputies authorized in 2009. (See tab 1 – at the end of this blog) Going back four years as the article mentions the BCC budget is now at 70% of the 2007 value! The 2007-2008 LCSO Budget was $59 million. If the sheriff was at 70% of that amount his present budget should be $41.3 million today!

    The actual 2010-11 LCSO budget is$62,567,216. It is not $57-60 million as per the 20120-11 budget book! The amount seems to vary depending on which “books” you are looking at! Therefore any BBC request for the sheriff to cut his budget $2-3 million dollars is fruitless. The budget is already $5 million more than Borders says it is and that don’t count the cars and other things he get direct from the BCC General Fund and not budgeted to the LCSO!

    That statement from the chief rascal watchdog that “The problem is that everyone likes the Sheriff, respects the work they do.” Enjoys the same credence as the babblings of the likes of Jimmy Conner or the watchdogs buddy Ralph Smith!

    The fact is everyone does not like the sheriff! This is not a popularity contest in the first place! Even if you could say everyone likes the sheriff and mean it who cares? Many of us remember the friendly bank robber, he always smiled and said thank you when he robbed the banks!

    Everyone liked him but he was still robbing them blind! Just stop to think for a minute how many people like the devil! He’s fun to be around! You can let your hair down! Live a funky life! Take drugs and drink alcohol, Yea! Everyone loves the devil because he lets you get away with murder! He don’t care as long as he has his clutches on you! How would you like to give the devil your money and see how well he spends it on your behalf? I didn’t think so!

    Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of good, honest and hard working people within the LCSO. The problem here is there is no adult leadership. This department is split right down the middle by those who are special friends of the sheriff who can all do no wrong and those who are here just hanging on and praying for retirement! No one in their right mind who knows what is really going on inside this place can respect any part of it!

    As for remarks by someone of the caliber of this chief fiscal watchdog as too the “respects the work they do” I have to assume he is talking about the media hipes and schemes to perpetuate the grandeur of the sheriff. These recent high profile predator and drug busts are nothing more than smoke and mirrors also! Borders people even held back on the breaking news with the media on the predator arrests because he himself has been under close scrutiny for questionable activities and he was afraid of the massive blog attacks! No person in their right mind can respect the leadership of any agency when that leadership plans and connives only activities that the leader knows he/ she can manipulate into public perception in their favor!

    What we need here in Lake county is an honest sheriff (and some more honest politicians as well) who will do the right thing, even when it is not popular! We need an experienced law enforcement officer who knows right from wrong and knows how to look the public right in the face and tell them the truth no matter the consequences! What we do not need is someone like Gary Borders who spends his entire days putting out fires from incidents that would not have happened had they been under professional supervision to begin with! Not to mention the waste of money that he uses to buy friends and put out fires between employee’s within the department who feel they have been mistreated because someone else got a bigger favor or a bigger raise! It’s kindergarten 101 every day right here at the LCSO.

    Yes I respect the work the good people of the LCSO does everyday! Remember someone has to do the work, not everyone can play because there is real work to be done! What I do not like is the disgrace and disrespect sheriff Borders, his friends and there ways has brought into a formerly well organized sheriff’s department. This department can not stand under the present conditions of operation. Many, many people are preparing to make sure that we don’t have too! Lake County deserves better than this!

    (tab 1)
    New Positions Budget Year 2008-09
    In addition to the 25 positions funded in the Sheriff’s Office, the Proposed FY 2008
    Budget includes ten new positions in the General Fund and twelve new positions in the
    Fire/Rescue fund as we staff new stations and provide resources crucial to the public
    safety of our citizens. Position details are included in the overview section of the budget.
    Board Action April 7, 2009 by Sheriff Borders – Approved!
    Request from Sheriff Borders for approval of COPS 2008 Universal Hiring Program (UHP) Grant, which will enable the Sheriff to hire 10 additional Deputy Sheriffs.

  9. Breaking News – Lake County Jail – More Sexual Assaults Cost Taxpayers Millions!
    This calls For More information.

    Today insiders at Lake’s Central Rumors reports Sheriff Borders and his staff has reached an out of court settlement with a male detainee over his allegations he was sexually abused by jailers inside the Lake County jail! The amount of the settlement is reported at $1.3 MILLION! The plaintiff’s attorney got a whopping $400,000.of that! No wonder Borders says he can’t cut his budget!

    For those who would spin this off as nonsense let us just say the victims Initials are “SEH” and he was born in Eustis in November of 1975. We know who he is but, we prefer not to disclose any more facts in order to protect the identity of the victim! The incident (apparently not just alleged but factual by virtue of the cash settlement!) was the result of ongoing poor supervision and child play within the jail and sheriff’s department!

    However, it is we the taxpayers who ultimately pay the price for these acts of stupidity! Where did the money come from to settle this potential lawsuit? No matter if it’s insurance (premiums will go up!) or paid from the general fund, it is we the taxpayers footing these bills! We know there are dozens more similar suits and threats of suits of this nature! We can almost guarantee the settlement carries all kinds non-disclosure remarks. We know there are some people out there that can shed more light on this and other settlements and we invite you to do so on this forum. The people of Lake County deserve to know where all of their money is going! Stay tuned for the follow ups as they occur. Brought to you by those of us at the Left Side of the Snake; courtesy of the Right Side of the Lake!

  10. Members and readers of the Right Side of the Lake blog. The North lake Tea Party has invited Sheriff Borders to be a public speaker at their next scheduled meeting on July 6, 2011 at 7:00 PM.

    The meeting will be held at the Tavares Civic Center located at 100 East Caroline Street. Located behind the Library in Tavares.

    We urge those of you who can attend to please do so. It is imperative that we take the time to bring the sheriff up to speed regarding the local economic conditions and urge the sheriff to form a consensus with the board of county commissioners who are asking him for a 5% decrease in his present budget. Over the last few years Commissioner Jimmy Conner has attended several Tea Party functions. We certainly hope he will attend this meeting. He has been a long time supporter of the sheriff and we feel his support is necessary to help the sheriff bring his budget into alignment with the present reality.

    The sheriff is always very cordial and comes to meetings prepared to share the current updates with regards to the operations of his office. We also hope the sheriff’s friend and long time supporter Bob McKee will be present to support the sheriff in these times of strife with his budget woes. We look forward to the sheriff on Wednesday evening to be prepared to answer our questions. As previously stated lets have as many friends and supporters as possible attend this meeting and get the answers we have been waiting for. See you Wednesday.

  11. Breaking News – Tavares Lake County Detention Center

    The crisis intervention team of the Lake Sheriff spun into action recently when it was discovered another human being in storage had been lost in the shuffle from May 4, 2010 until June 30, 2011.

    Joshua John White age 23 of Leesburg was arrested originally in May 2008. On December 23, 2008 Judge Donna Miller; The docket reads “ Defendant present for hearing; Atty Boylston (for Graves) present; Court finds that defendant is incompetent to proceed at this time and defendant meets criteria for involuntary commitment; DCF to file order; Judge Miller (DCF) present; defendant to remain in Lake County Jail pending further order of court. (Did she say MERRY CHRISTMAS, Joshua?)

    April 2, 2009 – Defendant present for status conference; Atty Benjamin Boylston present; Joyce Miller, Esq. present on behalf of DCF; Court entered both orders (s stipulated by State and Defense) Nest status review hearing scheduled for 10/29/2009 @ 9:30 AM. Order for involuntary admission to residential services. Order adjudging defendant incompetent to proceed and commitment to the agency for persons with disabilities for secure placement.
    May 4th, 2010 – Booked in to the Lake detention center on criminal charges pending competency hearing.

    October 28, 2010 – Defendant not present for status review; APD Hammond present; Cathy Heflin (Lifestream) present; Court finds the defendant remains incompetent to proceed and shall remain involuntarily committed and orders that defendant be sent to the M.R.D.P program (order filed) next review on 4/28/2011 @ 1:30 PM.

    April 28, 2011 – Defendant present for motion hearing – represent by Renew for Atty Saltsman for State’s motion to determine competency Court finds defendant competent to proceed. Bond to remain as previously set. Case place on 5/24/11 PNC/ 6/6/11 SNT Docket.
    May 12, 2011 – Notice to defendant and att for PNC 5/24/2011 # 2:00 PM / SNT 6/6/2011 @ 9:30 AM.

    May 18, 2011 – Notice of hearing sent to defendant returned; not deliverable as addressed!

    June 6, 2011 – Defendant not present for SNT – Atty present – case continued to 7/5/2011 SNT.

    June 7, 2011 – Court event set – Felony sentencing private atty Date: 7/5/2011 Time: 9:30 AM
    Judge Nacke Courtroom 5 result – Sentenced.

    AND ATTORNEY FOR PNC 6/21/2011 @ 2 PM / SNT 7/5/2011 @ 9:30 AM.


    Defendant present for sentencing: Atty Ranew, RC present for Atty Saltsman; previous
    plea withdrawn; plea of Nolo Contender; Plea accepted, adjudged guilty to both
    counts. Sentenced to 966 Days LCJ with credit for time served / GTE*** Defendant to
    receive additional credit for 778 Days spent during the pendency of this case
    involuntary committed to the State Hospital and other mental health related facilities.
    1414 Days per the Lake County Jail. Counts concurrent; Advised of immigration status;
    costs assessed.

    June 30, 2011 @ 4:54 PM ~ VICTIM RELEASED!


    More breaking news as it comes to the surface!

  12. I have been working here at the sheriff’s office for just over twenty years. I have a special favor to ask. Would someone please wake me up and tell me this nightmare is over?

  13. Tavares, Fl ~ Breaking News – Insiders say the Sheriff’s warpath to clean up the crime in Lake County might not be over!

    Today we learn that inviting sexual predators to Lake County and local minor street level drug users to obtain publicity are not the sheriff’s only targets in his latest war against crime. Insiders say the sheriff is contemplating an attack against the moonshiners of Lake County. Wow – I thought moon shining was a thing of the past, maybe not! Anyway Lake County moon shiners beware the man is coming!

    Also other possible criminal activities are under scrutiny such as tanning salons, massage parlors, bingo halls, granny’s bridge club and last but not least the sewing circles. Umm, what could possible be criminal here?

    Insiders say Sheriff Borders has announced he will stop at nothing to justify his outrageous budget request and prove to the commission that Lake County is so criminally infiltrated that it is impossible for him to maintain law and order and cut his budget at the same time! Stay tuned for more insider information as it is received. Some believe kindergartens and daycare centers will be next!

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