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Who Will Make The Argument?

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Susan Moxley

Since being elected to the Lake County School Board in November, Jim Miller has been making the case that the Lake County School District should go to school uniforms in order to reduce gang violence in our schools.

School Board Member Miller has really done his homework, and makes a very compelling case supporting school uniforms, which includes the following:

  • Miller brought forth pictures and evidence of gang activity in Lake County Schools.
  • Miller made public a large uniform survey of local parents and students from a couple of years ago that shows the overwhelming majority of parents and students support school uniforms.
  • Miller gathered information from other school districts, which suggests the implementation of school uniforms was the base change that created dramatic improvements in grades and discipline in those schools.
  • Miller spent countless hours talking with educators in school districts that have implemented school uniform programs in very distressed areas.
  • Miller supplied overwhelming evidence that discipline and violence trends are going up in Lake County Schools, and that this increasing problem must be addressed before there is a major catastrophe.  Because of Miller’s efforts, citizens in Lake County are seeing, for the first time, the sheer number of discipline and violence issues occurring within their district.
  • Miller submitted a school uniform model that is easy to implement, low cost to parents, and allows students to come together.

Miller presented his argument in support of school uniforms in a very organized and understandable manner.

Most Compelling Evidence Yet

Last week, Miller sent to us what we believe is his most compelling evidence for school uniforms in Lake County.  His email consisted of only a few lines with a simple chart.  It compares Osceola County Schools to Lake County Schools before and after school uniforms were implemented in the Osceola County School District.  The numbers speak for themselves, and like a Philadelphia lawyer’s closing argument, they are very hard to dispute.

Osceola High Schools Grade








% Free & Reduced


% Minority


Celebration D D A 58 62
Gateway D D B 70 86
Harmony B B B 36 29
Liberty D D B 72 88
New Orleans D B A 71 83
Osceola C C B 68 74
Poinciana D F B 73 82
Profess & Tech A A A 68 87
St. Cloud D C B 43 48
Lake High Schools
East Ridge B C C 44 48
Eustis C D B 41 34
Leesburg D D C 49 39
Mount Dora B C B 45 35
South Lake D D C 41 38
Tavares B B A 38 24
Umatilla B D B 51 13


Miller’s email states:

As you can see from the chart, Lake County high schools are doing much better.

But look at the results Osceola County has achieved with much higher percentages of students eligible for free & reduced lunch and minorities.

Osceola is the poorest county in the state and was able to implement uniform dress countywide, and in two years now has all A & B high schools.

The culture change and safer climate that their “Uniform Dress” created had to be a part of the amazing success of their high schools.

The grade improvement of the Osceola County School District, in a very tough environment, is significantly better than that of Lake County.  We believe Lake County has remained stagnant because too much energy is used by school administrators to keep order.

The Other Side’s Argument

Frankly, we don’t know what the argument is from those who oppose school uniforms because they refuse to engage in an open discussion about the issue.  When Miller initially brought this issue before the School Board, it appeared he and School Board Member Dr. Tod Howard were in favor of a uniform program; however, female School Board Members, Debbie Stivender, Kyleen Fischer, and Rosanne Brandeburg, were opposed.  According to board rules, unless someone from the majority side asks for the issue to be brought up again at a School Board meeting, the issue is a non-starter.

Our concern is simple:  None of the School Board Members have brought forth anything to rebut the case and information brought forth by Miller.  Our group has been told by many close to the school district that parents of poor students want school uniforms to save money while more affluent parents of students are more concerned about free expression in the name of fashion.

According to a source close to the district, School Board Member Fischer made the statement that uniforms don’t help prisoners in jail.  Two points:  First, certain prisoners are ostracized by special pink uniforms in many prisons for deviant behavior, so she is wrong.  Second, if discipline and violence issues are not reduced in Lake County Schools many of our students will have the opportunity to wear prison fashions.

Strong leaders are able to engage in issues; yet, weak leaders put their head in the sand.  The Lake County School Board should not be afraid to engage a healthy debate on the issue of school uniforms.

Invitation to Make the Case for the Other Side

Citizens for Better Government, L.L.C. would like to hear from the other side of the school uniform issue, and we would like to offer a unique opportunity.  The Right Side of the Lake is one of the most circulated newsletters in the State of Florida, and as most can attest, our blog comments page on our website is the “kitchen table” for discussions in Lake County.  In short, we reach a lot of people – just ask Senator Jimmy Conner.

Our group would like to extend an offer to School Board Members Debbie Stivender, Kyleen Fischer, Rosanne Brandeburg, and Superintendent Dr. Susan Moxley to write a The Right Side of the Lake column on why Lake County Schools should not adopt a school uniform program.  If one or all decide to write a column, we will publish them completely unedited and without comment from our group – the columns will stand on their own.

To be honest, we’d like to hear the argument against a school uniform program from leaders on the opposing side to either confirm or validate Miller’s contention.  Great discussions and debate lead to good decisions and this issue has not be thoroughly vetted by either the School Board or the public.

During a public meeting this week, a leading political figure summed up their opinion of the Lake County School Board saying, “The school board is so afraid to have the spotlight turned on them that they will suppress good news because they are afraid bad news will be exposed.”  Our concern is this fear of public scrutiny is the reason why there’s little public debate by the School Board on such an important issue.

If those Lake County School Board Members who are opposed to the school uniform program are unwilling or unable to make a compelling case against school uniforms, they should allow the process to go forward.  The Lake County School District has operated too long with roadblocks in charge – it is time for leaders who can get things done!

The Right Side of the Lake is a publication of Citizens for Better Government, L.L.C., and if you would like to comment on today’s column please go to our website or  This newsletter is free to all who would like to subscribe, and we encourage you to send it out to everyone on your mailing list.  If you have information or a topic you would like us to cover please email us directly at

11 Responses to “Who Will Make The Argument?”

  1. I just posted the arrest of LCSB FAKE LPN Jose Carlos Rodriguez who worked 4 years for the LCSB on a dead man’s LPN License. The reason people like Miller talk about uniforms and Stivender and “Brandewine” and the likes always have some other agenda is to keep the public mesmerized and engaged with tackling their left field wants and not find out the real truths!

    They create smoke and mrrors to get our attention off the $562 MILLION in BONDS that the interest is eating them alive on as well as their internal problems (rapes in elevators and such) employee, student parties, affairs and drug and alcohol abuse problem just to mention a few!

    The best use for uniforms is for convicts! And Lake County has got it’s share of officials that deserve that official title! As you so well mentioned school uniforms do not work! But, even worse than that we are finding overwhelming proof that public schools don’t work either! Just as with their mention of 4 days school weeks last week, they spend more and more time servicing debt and putting out internal “fires” than they doing teaching our children.

    And by the way according to Stivender and Brandeburg you and I have no business in their business unless we have children in school! Maybe they don’t think grand children qualify for our concerns, but I have several and that only make me pay closer attention to these idiots!

  2. Uniforms seem to work because they are the most visible but when change is researched and studied the resulting conclusion is the same UNIFORMS DO NOT WORK! Why does Mr. Miller use only Osceola as an example. Why not use Orange county schools or Polk county schools. I’ll tell you why, because they already found out that UNIFORMS DO NOT WORK. Why not use Miami-Dade school system, oh that’s right, uniforms didn’t work there either. Even the Florida Dept. of Education states UNIFORMS DO NOT WORK. Paramount in the study of school uniforms is the empirical research and guess what the results of these studies are UNIFORMS DO NOT WORK. When Polk county imposed the mandatory uniforms they didn’t provide an opt-out. Eight months later they were responsible for paying $77,000 dollars in legal fees to support their decision and now according to Mr. Miller if a uniform policy is imposed there will be no opt-out provision. For being such a cut and dry issue ie. UNIFORMS DO NOT WORK this issue is getting way to much attention especially when there are many more issues that really need attention,

  3. Actually, Mr. Miller has not done his homework. A study was done by the State’s Juvenile Justice department which showed his “model” program in Osceola County actually INCREASING referrals by 27% (18% for felonies) and Lake County (with no Uniform policy) decreased by 11%. The report was forwarded to Mr. Miller for review.

    On another argument point, the grades for High Schools in Lake are also improving and while they may not all be A and B schools, they are making significant progress.

    Some schools have a gang violence problem and those schools should have the resources to help the administration work to resolving those issues.

    The County has a fair dress code policy and, unfortunatley, it isn’t always enforced. Most children do not violate the dress code policy and they should not be subjected to the whims of a few who would like public school studgent to appear like parochial schools. It would be wonderful if our communities would channel the passion they have for implementing a uniform policy into HELPFUL suggestions to ensure the schools have enough resources to educate our students.

  4. Once again Mr. Massey has offered to solve problems at the government level by offering to eradicate the German cockroaches from over twenty schools in Orange County for free! What was the exterminators using watered down spray?

    So once again someone has to come from the private sector and correct the abuse of taxpayers money which in this case should have been receiving value for dollars spent but with no oversight taxpayers once again take a licking!

    Mr. Massey is a true patriot and is providing a free service to replace the paid rip off artists who failed to do a proper job! I know it’s a lot to ask But do you think Mr. Massey might extend that offer of help to Lake County? It will take a bunch of strong cockroack spray! You see we have got some really humongus cockroaches in almost every government office in Lake County.
    I know its a lot to ask but we have tried everything else to get rid of the cockroaches and this sounds like a really good idea. Maybe we could even take up a collection to offset the cost of the spray and provide some labor for him!


    Here we go again; Jim Miller is pushing school uniforms when there are bigger issues to deal with. What could have a priority over school uniforms? Plenty! 

    Parents, students, class action lawyers and that BIG OL 2×4 as your called…listen up…

    Parents, if you currently have or have had a student in the Lake County School System within the last 4 years, you need to know this hidden secret that may involve your child.

    The Lake County School Board administration has covered up the unlicensed activity of an LPN responsible for issuing medication to school children.

    Jose Carlos Rodriguez was employed by the LCSB as a licensed LPN until just after Christmas of 2010. With the joint effort of screening employees by the LCSB & the Florida Department of Law Enforcement responsible for running finger prints and background checks, there is no excuse for this to have taken place. But the real issue here comes three fold. One being that the Board has covered up this need to know blunder and this is not the first time. Second, that medications have been administered to Lake County School children by an unlicensed LPN. Third, that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement has failed once again when it comes to back ground checks which has become an epidemic.

    The individual, Jose, has a long checkered past with such a trail of evidence that it’s hard to imagine the depth of incompetence of the LCSB & the FDLE. This imposter should have been an easy spot with a huge red flag. The Lake County Sheriff Office is looking into this individual, but with that being said and considering the catastrophic lack of ethics within the LCSO, there is little hope for a thorough and complete investigation. Besides that, this case is well out of the league of the Sheriff Office and even the troubled FDLE.

    Lets see what we know of this individual so far with just a few key strokes of public knowledge and look at why Jose was allowed to be employed by the Lake County School Board. Susan Moxley, Aurelia Cole, and Laurie Marshall; you are all in the hot seat here along with the entire Board. Your cover up shows where your priorities truly are. Time for your pay checks to become null and void as ex employees as an investigation into your “executive cabinet” of overpaid administrators and do little Board members.

    Jose Carlos Rodriguez w/ DOB 02-07-1974 – married to Linet Maria Gonzalez Rodriguez

    White Male / 6’-0” / 200 lbs. / green eyes / dark hair

    17657 Windy Pine Street, Montverde, Florida 34756

    Employed by the Lake County School Board for 4 years as a licensed LPN @ Lake Hills

    Lake Hills Principle – Robin Myers and wife of David Myers – Groveland Asst. Principle

    Legally licensed as an EMT – # EMT508202 on 12/15/2004 w/ expiration on 12/01/2011

    Stole the LPN license number PN5159020 from a deceased Jose Rodriguez with a recorded address of 1053 SW 84th CT Miami, Fl. 33144. This license of the deceased is still effective believe it or not. Expires on 07-31/2011. Hello Tallahassee!!!

    Ex business owner of Extreme Chrome Corporation w/ Corp. Doc # P04000155481

    FEIN-Federal Employment Identification Number of # 611478851

    Given business address of 17657 Windy Pine Street, Montverde, Fl.- Home Address

    Evicted previous business address of 821 US Highway 17-92, Suite 109, Longwood, Fl.


    Marion County

    Booking # 0700011896 dated 07/24/2007 – 2 outstanding warrants worthless checks

    Case # 07-1844-CFA

    Mug Shot included with inmate # A0106674

    Orange County

    2006CT006473-A Criminal Traffic – racing on highway with a 1985 Suzuki motorcycle

    2006CT006272-A Criminal Traffic – no motor cycle endorsement

    2010TR004150-A Civil – Unlawful Speed

    2010TR062996-A Civil – Unlawful Speed

    1998CF010682-B- Felony Battery – Resisting a Law Enforcement Officer

    1998CF010721-A- Felony Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer

    Lake County

    2007CT053074-No endorsement for motorcycle – repeat offender as Orange County

    Judge Donna Fishalow Miller presiding and dismissed – LCSB Jim Miller’s wife.

    Polk County

    The Polk County Sheriff Office system is currently down but several strong possibilities exist verified by previous dwelling addresses which suspect has resided at.

    Seminole County

    Verifying case # 03-1760-CFA –

    Miami Dade

    System is currently down.

    Can the law find him? On the federal level, absolutely. That is where this case should be. On the local and state level, not a chance. Effort must be placed upon an investigation. If a real investigation was to take place the suspect could be in handcuffs within 48 hours even as the fugitive is rumored to have fled back to Puerto Rico. BTW, we have a current address in Puerto Rico, and believe it or not, contacts within a ½ mile. Small world.

    However, local contacts would need to be verified and cleared first and there are plenty . From Montverde, Clermont, Altamonte Springs, Longwood, Orlando, Apopka, Casselberry, Poinciana, Haines City, Hialeah, Miami, and Dania Beach; the suspect could be in any one of these locations. Family and friends have been verified as a full run down report of the entire family for both Jose and Linet has been completed by our organization out of Tavares, Miami, and Puerto Rico.

    Jose has been verified as a player – a rouse with several Lake County School Board females while breaking the vows of matrimony and the Lake County Employee CODE of CONDUCT manual- but that’s the norm here in Lake. But an open flame may draw this criminal to one of his many rendezvous with married school board personnel.

    Charges of identity theft, falsifying a medical license for gainful employment, application fraud for gainful employment, and practicing medicine without a license are just a few appetizers to get started. On a federal level, many more can be added. Can any charges be forth coming for Lake County School Board Officials? Could be. But the truth of the matter is that the elected and appointed officials throughout our Florida governments have often gone untouched when they break the law or aid within the commission of breaking law. However, that old norm is starting to change statewide and is surely a sight for sore eyes. If we had real judges and prosecutors who were un bought, the infusion of investigators on a case like this would have occurred months ago instead of covering the crimes as is the norm these days.

    At any rate, are there bigger problems than school uniforms these days? You bet!









    And on…and on…and on… uniforms, please….Houston, we have problems!

    2×4, what is more important than our children? This case beats all.

    Watchful Eye from the Tarmac in Leesburg

  6. man, I think that last blogger is right about all them WW2 bugs and stuff coming back around,

    I just saw on channel 2 some of the schools are under attack by German cockroaches! No

    wonder Colonel Klink Miller wants to get the kids in uniforms, its time to circle the wagons

    the war is on again.

  7. Now everthing we suffered in the war is coming full circle back around to haunt us! Head lice, bed bugs, kids in uniforms, everybody toting guns again like the wild, wild west. Nothing ever changes it just keeps going round and round. I don’t want my grand kids in uniforms like I was forced to do. My children can afford to cloth my grandkids and I worked hard to send them to school properly dressed and properly disciplined so they could make sure and get the tools necessary to meet those demands! I for one am tired of paying for others dumbness! Poor planning on their part does not constitute an emergency on my part! Let them get it like I did, hard work seven days a week from sun up til after dark!

  8. Adoloh Hitler was cultivating the Hitler Youth befre he became Chancelor of Germany ~ The uniforms remove all possibility of unique personalities and create an atmosphere of Stalag 13.

    Stop worring abut the clothes they wear and start enforcing the way they wear them and for heavens sake discourage all those grotesqe tattoo’s! The people of this country are experiencing enough prior WW2 antics and hopefully they will have enough sense to refuse them all. If you open the door for one socialist motion (which we already have too many) we will never get the door closed again. Mr. Miller, like Manuel he means well, but he needs to direct his attention to Reading, Riting and Rithmaticing and rules that make the teachers and the kids act like the human race is supposed to act!

  9. John Galt says:

    There is a reason many private and religeous schools around the world have uniforms-because they work! They encourage order, remove social status, stigmas, class envy, distractions and useless gossip from the classrooms. There is too much value put on “rights of students”, “self expression” and “self esteem” and not enough on creating a disciplined and orderly learning environment. School is about results-learning more math, reading, science & civics, that’s it.

    Implement the uniforms!

  10. Name says:

    As long as everyone either buys their own uniforms, or the schoold board buys them for everyone. No more free handouts for some.

  11. i aint no philly lawyer, but the simple chart simply shows that across fla, the new tests and how they are graded reflect the marked improvement in grades, not dress code. that said, i do believe that a uniform dress code should be implemented.

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