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Is Your Child Safe in Lake County Schools?

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100 Total Sexual Offenses Last Year

At the end of Monday night’s Lake County School Board meeting, District 1 Board Member Jim Miller asked his fellow members to reconsider adopting a school uniform policy. The request came after board members received a report from school administration earlier in the day that shows violence and discipline issues are up in Lake County Schools.  Oddly, not one School Board Member or Superintendent Dr. Susan Moxley responded to Miller’s comments.  Not only did we hear School Board Member Miller, we heard the silence when no one countered his argument.

Citizens for Better Government, requested a copy of the report referenced by School Board Member Miller, which is titled Discipline SESIR Incidents Trends .  Just as Miller indicated, discipline and violence issues are up significantly in Lake County Schools.

From 2009 to 2010, instances of discipline and violence in Lake County middle and high schools were up 13.1percent with 693 total incidents reported.  For 2011, it appears the district will exceed 720 serious incidents, another four percent increase.  Parents and citizens should understand that this report does not include the mundane offenses such as skipping class, dress code violations, and tardiness.  What this report indicates is some very tough stuff with over 137 serious violations of the law.

Most concerning is the number of sexual misconduct offenses.  Last year, there were seven cases of sexual battery reported and 93 cases of sexual harassment and offenses documented.  A total of 100 sexual offenses is an alarming number for parents with daughters. The question must be asked:  Is Lake County Schools becoming a hostile sexual environment for female students?  If any business in America had these proportional numbers of sexual offenses in their operations, they would be sued by the employees and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) for having a hostile work environment.  Also, by nature, many female students in middle and high schools are inhibited from reporting sexual misconduct because of embarrassment and fear of retaliation – how many cases are not being reported?

The other number of concern is the 23 weapons violations in 2010, which is up a whopping 43.8 percent. Does this huge increase in weapons violations indicate students are fearful about attending school?  In addition, for every student caught with a weapon, how many have not been caught – is it two, three, or even four times the amount?  With this many violations, and the apparent lack of institutional control by the administration, is the Lake County School District heading for a Columbine incident?  These are extremely serious issues that need to get real answers.

Last year, our group was contacted by two parents of students from Leesburg High School. They allege that, in an effort to keep FCAT scores up, the principal and administration looked the other way instead of disciplining unruly students. The reason? LHS can’t raise its FCAT score from a D-rated school if students are suspended and not taught how to pass the tests.  One of the parents claimed unruly students weren’t being disciplined, and it was causing chaos for his daughter, who was harassed in the halls.  This report suggests that these parents may have been telling the truth.

Here are two facts that suggest the 13.1 percent increase in discipline issues are a result of lack of institutional discipline and control by the administration of the Lake County School District:

  • According to their 40th Day of School Student Enrollment Report, Lake County Schools’ middle and high school populations totaled 20,286 in 2009, while a year later their populations totaled 20,383.  That means the 13.1 percent increase in discipline issues occurred with only a student population increase of 97 or 0.5 percent. These numbers suggest a total breakdown in the culture of discipline within the district.
  • Overall, crime in Lake County in 2009 was down 10.1 percent, according the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.  Although the crime rate is going down in the area, it is going up in the schools.  Does this mean our schools are now a safe haven for criminals in Lake County?

Based on the report, two years prior to Dr. Susan Moxley assuming the position of Superintendent of Lake County Schools, the trends in violence and discipline problems had been going down; however, since she has taken over the trend is definitely up.  In her zeal to improve FCAT test scores, has Dr. Moxley sacrificed discipline and safety in Lake County Schools?

Below is the summary of the Lake County School District report.  As always, Citizens for Better Government, L.L.C. supplies you with the actual reports, so you can make your own conclusions.

Miller has been beating the school uniform and discipline drum since entering office in November, and the drum beat has become a lot louder with this disappointing report.  It appears Lake County Schools have a discipline issue, and the trends are going the absolute wrong way.  School Board Members Debbie Stivender, Kyleen Fischer, and Rosanne Brandeburg have been reluctanct to face the uniform and discipline issue; however, it can no longer be ignored.

Another major issue that must be addressed is the environment being created for female students in Lake County Schools.  The report of 100 sexual misconduct offenses, which includes seven sexual battery offenses, is alarming. The district needs to meet with just the female students in its middle and high schools in an effort to see how large this problem really is – it is likely much worse that what’s being reported.

Parents should demand that an environment be created in Lake County Schools that is free from overt sexual advances and lewd speech.  One sexual battery incident is one too many.  Students must be protected from the sexual predators in the student population.

Most importantly, the quest for an improved FCAT score should never be a determining factor as to whether a student is disciplined or expelled, and we hope the parents who contacted us misunderstood the policies of Leesburg High School.  If it is found out that anyone in the Lake County School District sold out student safety for an improved FCAT score… well, that employee should face disciplinary action.

Dr. Moxley needs to look at the message her office is sending into Lake County Schools because, since she has taken charge, the trend in violence and discipline issues is very bad.  Dr. Moxley must take charge of discipline and focus less on trying to put a happy face on everything that comes out of Lake County Schools.

We would really like to hear from parents and students in Lake County Schools.  Tell us what you think – is there a discipline issue in Lake County Schools and is there a hostile environment being created for students?  If you would like to make a comment about today’s column go to or and post a comment at the bottom of the column.  The Right Side of the Lake is a publication of Citizens for Better Government, L.L.C.

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  1. Name says:

    I must say, as a student from Leesburg High School I am appalled by the accusations being placed on some of the leaders and teachers of my school. I mean seriously, Bill Miller? The guy that completely turned LHS around for the better? I think you guys should have better things to do then attempt to put him down! That man is one of the best leaders I have ever met and have the privilege of knowing first hand. It is a shame to see how many people are DISCOURAGING Leesburg High School rather then ENCOURAGING it. Our school has a very strong chance to raise up from a “D” school, possibly up to an “A”. If you did your research more about the achievements of the school rather then the fall backs (Which, everyone mentioned is in fact FALSE with no evidence or proof going forth towards the accused.) you will see that our school is extremely close to aquiring every goal that it has set forth. How about taking a closer look at the article people and what it is suggesting? The article is mainly suggesting the use of uniforms to downplay the acts of sexual harassment and violence in our schools. Now for you people who do not know exactly what that means, that would be me, a student that comes to school dressed how he would like to represent himself, to be discouraged and told now to be treated as an individual. Can I tell you what uniforms has to do with everything suggested by these comments? NOTHING. Uniforms are a misinformed fix to a misinformed problem. Take a closer look at the students family background before believing its the leadership in the school that effects these kids so. I saw one of the comments starting with something like “When my two kids went to a party _________ this hapened.” What I would like to hear is an explanation about how that is the TEACHERS AND PRINCIPAL’S problem to deal with rather then the parents duty. I mean come on, you are going to allow your teenagers to go to a party with alcohol? Be a parent.

    The most appalling accusation in these comments are the accusations on MSgt. Morris. Before you say stuff like that, how about going into the guys classroom? Going to see how he is dressed everyday(In an Air Force Uniform?) How he treats your students with more respect than you probably have in your little finger? It’s funny how most people complain about what their students do during school. Most of that does not even involve the teachers. It mostly involves your poor parenting skills that you really need to get checked out. If your student even has any affiliation with MSgt. Morris, that means he is involved at the JROTC Unit at Leesburg, who has to wear a uniform every Wed. But from a parent like that, i doubt you even see what your kid wears on Wed, it is easily understood that you wouldn’t. Neighbors like you should be happy to have someone like him teach your students at Leesburg High School!

  2. Rick Scott is nothing short of a savior in this state. Lord knows how much wasteful spending would go on if he weren’t there to stop it.

  3. Kid, You are a figment of someone’s imagination! If you can’t see what’s directly in front of your eyes please do not go out into the real world without credible adult supervision! You know, one that just had a criminal history ran through NCIC-FCIC. Once again you folks are trying spin off ” a mass of cloudlike gas that arises from the sun’s chromospheres and brings prominence.” The facts are there and in case you don’t realize libelous is only when the facts are lies and not truths! The truth hurts bad don’t it?

  4. Wow I am a student at Leesburg High School and have been for four years. The things that are being said on here are horrible, immature, and libelous. For you guys to make such comments is extremely reprehensible, and out of place. Please note that it is setting an awesome example to us students getting ready to enter the real world, college, or work force. Thanks!
    First of all lets chat about your comments regarding Mr. Miller. He is doing a magnificent job, and works hard, tireless hours to better our campus. I’m there everyday so I would know. You’re going through a third party, your son who obviously has no idea what he is talking about. Mr. Miller has, and continues to lead Leesburg High School to success. Read the newspaper sometime! Front page that is. Our school has jumped an entire letter grade, because of Bill Miller, the entire state athletic association knows who Leesburg is, because of Bill Miller, overall morale and teacher-student relations have bettered because of guess who. Yes Bill Miller! Second of all our law enforcement that you referred to as Deputy “Doolittle” has had an impact on this campus more than any other SRO. Once again I’m on that campus every single day during the week, and I see and experiance this daily. You don’t! Its like you’re making comments on subjects that you NEVER experiance. To top it all off, you make these comments about Master Sergeant Morris. Well I’ll have you know that this man you speak of served HONARBLY in the United States Military for 21 years. He protected scatter brained people like you, to ensure that you were able to keep your rights. Like the one you’re so reckelessly using now. I’ve been in JROTC for all 4 years of my high school career, and I have NEVER heard anything from him even close to what you are stating. Only thing that man talks about in his classroom is the ciriculum at hand! Have you ever vistited his classroom? No. So how dare you make such comments. Everytime you make a comment about him, it’s automatically void, because you have never experianced it. Lady this is for you and your husband, and your low life of a son. You all need to grow up. Both Mr. Miller, Deputy “Doolittle”, and Especially Master Sergeant Morris have been awesome personalities on the Leesburg High campus. All three have had an impact on my life. And if you ever have the luck of meeting me, you’ll see that its obvious they’ve been doing something right. Uniforms are not the answer. Getting a hold on people like you and your family is the true answer.

  5. Name says:

    As a person who loves this state there is nothing that I would like better than to be proven wrong about Rick Scott.

    So far, however, there is very little that I like about the things that he has proposed or done.

    It appears to me that he is all about grandstanding, ripping off and endangering taxpayers, tourists and residents to benefit his special interest businesses only.

  6. Name says:

    You people (I borrowed that from Ross Perot). Back then it was considered a racist statement, no telling what folks like you call it today!

    Scott bashing comes primarily from elected officials and government employee’s who know from the very beginning he is going to put a stop you all your little games! He knows you have been bleeding the taxpayers dry for years as bureacuracy has grown leaps and bounds for no apparent reason ther than survival of the annonited ones! Hurts don’t it!

    Rick Scott was gone from HCAColumbia for four years before Bill Clinton’s “justus department” after putting their program welfare to workfare in place found themselves loaded with hundreds of thousands of incompetent employee’s within the Medicare reimbursement system. They couldn’t count and they read and they didn’t even know there was Medicare reimbursement rules! Why don’t you just go to Fl Hosp Waterman or Leesburg Regional (both public subsidized hosptals and ask them what their share of the fines was?

    I know it fits your fight but if you had any gumption you would realize as hard as Rick Scott fought against ObamaCare if the Obama’s federal government could find anything illegal right down to dropping a candy wrapper in a federal park, Rick Scott would be in the federal pen!

    And yes, for those of you concerned about the millions of fraud discovered in the local affordable housing program over the last few years, we are sure he will cause an honest investigation! He don’t like public employee’s steaing the public’s money! But first as evidenced by his budget and the recent affordable housing bill, he’s going to choke off the flow of millions so you folks won’t have it on hand to steal!

    Don’t go away just yet. You’ll be having some company soon with questions in hand and looking for answers! Hope you have the answers like you think you do about Governor Scott!

    He’ll still be in the governors office when you are up the hill!

  7. Name says:

    Let me get this straight.

    You are expecting Governor Scott to look into the possibility of criminal activities in the Affordable Housing program in Lake County?

    You expect this from a Governor who claimed that he could not remember any of the fraud perpetrated by his health care companies as he diverted his eyes, and was clearly lying repeatedly?

    This would be rich indeed . . .

    Dream on.

  8. This link appears to show Governor Scott has at least scruitnized the massive money trail of Florida’s Affordable Housing program! Florida Housing Finance Corp! (Another of those quasi non-profit maybe government/ maybe private corporations) depending on which is most beneficial to the government at the time! Now, Governor Scott needs to retrain the FDLE and show them how to conduct criminal investigations and turn them aloose on all these massive crimes committed by those in this scam from Tallahassee to every county and several major cities in the state of Florida. Recover billions in fraud from this SHIP scam pulled off by organized criminal government officials and bureaucrats!

  9. Convicted Child Molester & Affordable Housing (SHIP)

    The Truth

    Inappropriate sexual behavior within the Lake County School Board looks like the backfired diversion this week for the RSOL. If Lake County’s corruption needed a break from attention, why didn’t someone just say so. To ease off (never), one of our Marion County Regulators called in a case file to our Lake County Branch and we are glad they did. Lets look at this case and see how Affordable Housing (S.H.I.P.) relates directly to Inappropriate Sexual Behavior since we are discussing this topic recently.

    (Marion County, Florida). Yes, Marion County has a S.H.I.P. Program as well as one of our regulators discussed a few weeks ago. This Affordable Housing monster is funded off of your tax dollars and distributed to those in need by unregulated managers locally and in Tallahassee Florida. Here is yet another prime example w/ documented proof of your tax dollars at work!

    Client: Eugene Francis Mascho

    Case # 42-1993-CF-001681-AXXX-XX (Marion County Clerk of Court)

    Three counts of Lewd and Lascivious Assault or Act Upon a Child (Felony)

    Two of the three charges pled out but one did stick. (Good Lawyer I guess)

    Felony charge with 1 year, 8 months, 15 days in county jail

    DOC: 5 year probation

    Everybody with us so far? Just a child molester like our recent discussions. Now lets see the usual scenario of how Affordable Housing (S.H.I.P.) fits into the picture with your tax dollars with an unusual twist at the end.

    05-22-1991 / # 1991031460 – DD 214 Army – (I am disgusted already)

    10-27-1999 / # 2000010938 – SHIP GRANT # 1 @ $ 15,000.00

    05-19-2000 / # 2000046258 – SHIP GRANT # 2 @ $ 3,201.70

    10-21-2004 / # 2004154145 – SHIP GRANT # 3 @ $ 5,605.60

    That is # 3 SHIP LOANS – GRANTS @ a total of $ 23,807.30 dollars funded by YOU the Tax Payer for a convicted CHILD MOLESTER that never gets paid back to you! You the tax payers of Florida gave to this convicted felon who committed a sexual act against a CHILD, your hard earned money. Not once, not twice, but three times! There is a rule that clearly states that the S.H.I.P. Program is a one time deal. Rules, who enforces them? No one. A separate government entity unregulated by the state government, remember. FHFC is there own BILLION Dollar entity.

    O.K. the twist. Our affiliates in Tallahassee, yes we have contacts too, tell us that the S.H.I.P. Director responsible for this careless 3 time act – a one Evelyn Rusciolelli is no longer the Marion County S.H.I.P. Director. Insiders say her departure was related to missing funds observed from audits. Interesting and familiar. An epidemic throughout Florida and Lake.

    Our Tallahassee affiliates further stated that Mrs. Rusciolelli left Marion County employment and went directly to her ol buddy Robert Dear duff – the S.H.I.P. statewide manager located in Tallahassee, and the two arraigned her a position with none other than FHFC- Florida Housing Finance Corporation and the same unregulated outfit that allegedly watches over the Billions in Affordable Housing Bond funds. I guess when you are under suspicion the program just puts you into an even higher position within their culture of corruption. Unbelievable but verified and the truth!

    It gets better. Our affiliate in Tallahassee had to do a little research but came back and confirmed that Mrs. Rusciolelli was the FHFC representative that came down to the still under investigation Lake County Affordable Housing (S.H.I.P.) program to train the staff. A twist indeed.

    In summary, Robert Dearduff the longtime statewide S.H.I.P. Director hires his let go friend Mrs. Rusciolelli who in turns trains the under investigation Lake County Affordable Housing Staff. The same Rusciolelli who gave the tax payers $ 23,807.30 dollars to a convicted child molester a total of 3 times directly against the S.H.I.P. Rules…..Makes sense…Once again, who is responsible for our tax dollars in this particular example? Rusciolelli for one, Robert Dear duff – State Administrator of S.H.I.P., Steven P. Auger – Executive Director of Florida Housing Finance Corporation, Tom Pelham – Director Department of Community Affairs, Stephanie Sgouros – Inspector General.

    Ironically, this article started out as an attempted diversion but in reality it took a trip to Tallahassee and ended up right back on the Lake County corruption agenda. It really is a small world. Then again, criminals get well organized and connected when left unattended. More on that forthcoming…

    To our affiliates, thank you for this compelling case. I will now go and hug my grandkids as this story reminded me of just how precious they really are. It also was a stark reminder of why we are broke and where our county is heading. Taxpayers, lets join as one and voice Tallahassee on corruption!

    Mr. Prankster 2×4 on this April Fools day, sorry for the failed diversion away from the BOCC. But all we do is gather the 100 % accurate facts and then report the truth. The cards fall where they fall. Looks like Lake County keeps coming up wherever we look.

    Mr. & Mrs. Tax Payers, I sure hope that you paid your taxes this week. These bureaucrats sure need them. Especially Tallahassee. Do you think Governor Scott cares about convicted child molesters receiving our tax dollars or the Tallahassee long time bureaucrats separate and unregulated entity of Florida Housing Finance Corporation pilfering our pockets for these convicts and covering the crimes?

    Granny Regulator

    Young Female student’s civil rights violated yesterday @ Leesburg High School by her teacher!
    Our team of regulators have just learned that a student’s cry for bathroom privileges were denied yesterday at this troubled school. We have followed the recent reports of abuse, sexual assault, and inappropriate teacher and student relationships. This is yet one more example of just how much the Lake County School system is in disarray as we focus our recent discussions on school uniforms.

    Yesterday during FCAT, a young lady attending Leesburg High School was denied a trip to the bathroom. More disturbing was the fact that her teacher allegedly told her to go and do her business into a McDonald’s cup! The school was lockdown because of the inclement weather. FCAT was also in play and testing was being performed within the library which housed the closet bathroom. Reports place this young female student close to the library and in lockdown where her CIVIL RIGHTS were violated by her teacher.

    Grown men have probably performed or attempted the McDonald’s cup theory unsuccessfully at least once in their life. Probably on their home from that hunting trip or a trucker deadheading home to be with his family after a week on the road, but not this, not our children in a school environment and supposedly secured by the teachers on staff.

    To the Lake County School Board, Administration, Teachers and YOU BILL MILLER Principle @ Leesburg High School – ALL OF YOU ARE UNDER SURVELIENCE. Enough!

    What does it take for ignorance to lapse within our culture these days? When will morals return to the day of competence? Where are we going if our Administrators within the Lake County School Board responsible for our children do not remove their arrogance and turn their check attitude when it comes to securing our children and protecting them. How much more can we possibly endure as a society and what will be the effects on our children if sensibility does not return to the educational hub of our children.

    A full investigation should be launched immediately into this alleged event. Today! The facts and the crime are fresh and enough specifics have been given here this morning that even Barney Fife can track the truth and the prep down regarding this disgusting and appalling event.

    One more report coming out this morning from our group is the well known fact among students and Leesburg High School Administrators. Allegedly there has been a recent Health Alert issued concerning an outbreak of syphilis on the Leesburg High School campus. Not one word of this has been released to us parents or the citizens of Lake County. Is this yet another hush and place this inside the closet away from the public. I must say that this alleged occurring health risk goes along with everything else coming in relating to the continued corrupt culture of the Lake County government.

    All this week we have pushed uniforms and as the Mother of Three said it best, the Lake County School Board has much bigger issues. Well said.

    Wake up Lake County School Board Administration and get off your overzealous behinds. Your hired duty is to first insure the protection of our children where you have FAILED MISERABLY yet again. Eric Smith is gone as the Florida Educational Commissioner so Rick Scott will be getting a copy of this report with a few more details of the recent incompetence of your continued inactions. The Lake County School Board Administration and Board have become an epidemic!

    To the young lady who was commanded to use the bathroom in a McDonald’s cup, YOU have RIGHTS under what is called the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION. Attorneys and especially the ACLU will line up in formation to back you on this Civil Rights violation. You can bank on that! They are there to protect you. An un wavered tool for fighting abuse.

    2×4, sawdust is sweep away and represents what used to be. Where as a 2×4 is utilized as a stud which builds a wall for a home to stand upon. It is also known for its durability and strength in adjusting attitudes in the war of righting wrongs by those corrupt individuals who have ravished our lives. Lake County Florida is in a fact a War Zone of corruption and battles are engaged daily. Where do you stand Magruder? Are you willing to use your resources, your national presence, in driving a nail into the heart of this corruption? Time will only tell. Uniforms or real problems affecting real lives. What is more relevant?

    Bird Dog

  11. Our family has heard this story about what happened at the Green Isle Ranch before. We did not know Sheriff Borders was involved in the management at the school. We always wondered what happen because the news reports were so shocking at the time we were sure we would hear the results of the investigations and probably an arrest or two.

    This is even more shocking now to find out that the Sheriff was involved in the school all along and now people are saying he might have not done the proper thing. Maybe he covered up the investigations. Why would he do that? Did he make sure the victims were protected and received the proper medical and other necessary treatments required by victims of violent rape?
    Does anyone know if anyone is doing anything about this? We wonder if the Children’s Advocacy Council is aware of this and the victims needs for help? We know the sheriff is a powerful man and I suppose many people would be afraid to get involved for fear of retribution. Someone should be doing something for these boys. Its just not right for the people to abandon these victims. The people should have the right to demand answers on this one!

  12. State Board of Education Rule 6B-1.006

    Principles of Professional Conduct of the Education Profession in Florida

    (2) Violation of any of these principles shall subject the individual to revocation or suspension of the individual educator’s certificate, or the other penalties as provided by law.

    (3) Obligation to the student requires that the individual:

    (a) Shall make reasonable effort to protect the student from conditions

    Harmful to learning and or to the students mental and or physical

    Health and or safety.

    (f) Shall not intentionally violate or deny a student’s legal right.

    (5) (d) Shall not engage in harassment or discriminatory conduct…which

    Creates a hostile, intimidating, abusive, offensive, or oppressive


    (m) Shall self report to the district within 48 hours of any arrests.

    (n) Shall comply with Florida Statutes 1012.795(1)

    Adams v. State of Florida Professional Practices Council, 406 So2nd 1170 Fla. 1st DCA 1981 

    To the Lake County School Board Administration and a few teachers who have forgotten, dust of the Florida Education Standards and read then

    Apply. After all, an education is a terrible thing to waste.

    There are vicious problems within the Lake County school system involving sexual harassment, assault, and inappropriate behavior by male administrators. Forget the uniforms and lets fix the heart of the problem. It all starts here. To Larry Metz and the :CSB Board, we have not forgotten you!

    “Incompetence is measured by ignorance”, Class of 77′

    Semper-Fi and a mother of three

  13. Lets all face the facts, if Sheriff Borders has covered up all these rapes of boys at his Green Isle Ranch School, no child in Lake County is safe anywhere! At school or at home! We need answers to Borders cover ups of these rapes. I work in the Lake County government system but my children are in Lake County schools. I want to hear more about Sheriff Borders and his Green Isle Boys school. How could tis happen?

  14. Sexual Misconduct

    We have an 18 year old son attending Leesburg High School and I can tell you that every day our son comes home with more and more disturbing news. The most of which is sexually related. My husband and I are horrified at some the events we here about including sex taking place within the school. It seems as if the entire school board system lacks leadership and discipline.
    A couple of years ago our youngest son and his girlfriend went to a party in Eustis. When they returned home early that evening we asked why. Both of these young adults went on to tell us that alcohol was furnished to the students early on into the gathering. The mind boggling part of this is the fact that a well liked teacher from Leesburg High School was at the party and drinking along side the teenagers. The law was called to break up the party and the teacher left walking and called a fellow teacher from Leesburg High School to come and pick him up along with a female student!
    In questioning our son and his girlfriend further, it turns out that this popular teacher has a history involving himself with the female students in his class. As hard as it is to imagine this as parents, my husband and I were absolutely floored by these statements. We contacted the School Board at that time and I tell you this, nothing was done. No one from the School Board Administration investigated the incident and it seemed as if the Board and superintendent just wanted these allegations to go away as quickly as possible. And they did.
    Our son had this teacher at the time and he assures us that this continues to take place even today. It is well known around Leesburg High School about this particular teacher and his personal involvement with his female students. Even more depressing is the fact that he is not the only one! There are sexual harassments taking place at Leesburg High School partly because of the wrong example being set by the peers that are responsible for our children. If we had a daughter in a situation like what we have heard and even seen, I would never rest until the scum bucket was arrested and tried as a molester.  
    We have gone as far as looking at our son’s social media face book and my space. These male teachers described and even a few female teachers are online with our children! The content of two of the male teachers is not only disturbing but appalling! The Leesburg High School Administration and the Board’s response is a usual nothing. They do not care about these social medias and the fact that a few male teachers employed by the Board are having relationships with the underage female body of Leesburg High. And we all wonder why we hear stats of results like you have presented here today. Of course there is a problem. It has been addressed for several years now without intervention from anyone on the Board or in the Administration and you can forget involving law enforcement, at least in Lake County. They are too busy doing nothing.
    There is or should be a very define line drawn between teachers and students when it comes to relationships and social media. Bill Miller, the principle at Leesburg High School and the Board should go into and retrieve the personal computers of these teachers and see for themselves. Teacher Paul Rykowski has face book relationships with female students and is the teacher mentioned at the party and leaving with a female student. He has developed a reputation with the underage female body. Teacher Craig Morris has social media relations with his students as well. Both should be investigated and dismissed immediately with what our son has seen and shown my husband and I. But the Board refuses to lift a finger.
    My husband has informed our sons to lay out anyone they see making advances on any young girl at Leesburg. Whether it be a fellow student or any of these male teachers who go undisciplined by the Lake County School Board Administration. My husband will clean up the mess, if any, when or if our sons ever see the need to defend a young and innocent female student. Furthermore, the flunky deputy Doolittle needs to find another post besides Leesburg High School. He is worthless to say the least.
    And we wonder why some of our children have the attitudes and disrespect that is seen more and more and has become commonplace. No action by the Administration is as guilty as the inappropriate advances made by the pedophile teachers.  
    Do we need uniforms? No! Are our kids safe from the pedophile teachers? No! We need a Board and school system that has not been diminished by the new ways of the world. A Board and administration who handle problems brought to them and react upon those disturbing problems. Looking the other way does not work. Things get out of hand real quick just as they are now.
    As far as another Columbine, the signs are there. I don’t think anyone would ever wish that kind of trauma to any school, but without a reality check by looking in the mirror by our administration and general leadership in the school board and elsewhere, tragedy will surely find us. It is inevitable with the path that we are on.
    Mother of Three

  15. The answer is No! Absolutely no child is safe in Lake County when we have an elected Sheriff Borders who has been involved in his own private boys school from 1987 to 2010 which has been the scene of untold numbers of sexual assaults, violent rapes and just plain child abuse.

    The facts are there! Borders has been controlling and covering up the crimes committed at the Green Isle Ranch for years! The number of sexual assaults are many! So, with the elected Sheriff of Lake County known to cover up crimes of violent sexual acts it is impossible for any child or any adult for that matter to feel safe in Lake County. Facts are facts! They are there for anyone of intelligence to see! Sheriff Borders used his position to insure he and his friends, the Brown family of Osceola County, Florida did not get sued by the families of the victims of the violent rapes of five boys (and others from the past). I wonder if the taxpayers of Lake County will be held liable for Sheriff Borders covering up these crimes? After all this was his private little thing but he involved his empoyee’s Jail Cook, Baby Ann, Capt Moss, Sgt Ray and others in his little past time!

    If any person is truly concerned about the well being of a chld (male or female) they should stand up against crimes such as sexual battery committed against those children and not coward down simply because they believe their involvement in that effort will bring lawsuits against them and their friends! Sheriff Borders needs to respond to his cover ups of these violent rapes of five boys 12-15 years of age and right now!

  16. RSOL and Jim Miller have it right have it right. The reason students at LHS don’t beahve the way students should is because they dont have to. Teachers like Mr Parks interacting with students on Facebook and Twitter, and letting them text and use Ipods. When he hears about administration coming around he has the kids put them away. Teachers like this make it hard for other teachers to enforce the school rules against this behaviour. Hell I was in the school main office and there sat a student listening to his Ipod. IN THE OFFICE!!! The first two years my daughter was there a girl came to school wearing a black cape and a cat ear head band every day. Anyone just drive by in the morning and see how short the girls wear shorts now. Go to a football game and you can see a group of kids called the Maniacs who have a yearbook page. They are easily recognized because they are hardly dressed. the boys wear shorts and body paint and the girls wear short shorts, a sports bra, and body paint. I have asked the last two principals about this group and why they are allowed to represent the school this way. When Mrs Valez was principal her response to me was well they are not cheerleaders. Whatever that means. Mr Miller said he would look into this and when yearbooks came out I saw their pictures. The inmates are running the asylum. And lets buy some more Ipads. How crazy can this get?

  17. admin says:

    When the chart was posted to the website, it for some reason did not post all the totals and we are correcting now. The 2007 totals were the lowest year in the last 5 years and the trend has been up since then. The last column (360) only represents a half of school year, and most experienced educators will point out these types of behaviors are worse at the end of the year so the 720 estimate is probably low.

  18. Name says:

    Am I missing something? The supplied chart does not reflect the claims that crimes are on the increase. It appears to be consistant or trending down.

  19. Sexual Offenses In Lake County – Not Just With the Girls

    In March 2010 Local TV Media sources revealed the brutal rapes of five boys at the Green Isle Ranch in Clermont by an older student! They reported these rapes had occurred from July to November 2009. The five victims had reported these crimes at the time to Administrator Steve Zepp who was allegedly terminated for trying to get upper management to report the crimes to Sheriff’s officials. These breaking news releases were made over the weekend months after the crimes occurred by house parents who called the media outlets saying some of the victims were threatening suicide and needed help! View the video’s at these below inks!



    If you watch the above links you will see reporters saying these crimes are being investigated by the Lake County Sheriff’s Office. Then they learn Sheriff Gary Borders was a founding member of the Green Isle Board from 1987-2010. And had a continuing presence at the ranch.
    Insiders say Borders stopped all investigations and suppressed all further news releases regarding the Green Isle Ranch for fear they would all be sued. Over the years this has happened on several occasions. (See Keith Mitnik lawsuit vs Green lsle Ranch in 2001 where he sued for cover up by Management of sexual assault of 9 year old boy!) This time they apparently closed the ranch. The condition and whereabouts of these victims is unknown at this time! They deserve justice from the people of Florida. If you think 100 reports of sex crimes within the school system is a lot, what we don’t know is how many victims were afraid to report these crimes for one reason or another. Crime statistics in Central Florida are never reported correctly for fear of scaring off the Disney and other commercial endeavors Visits. Go back and check the number of sexually connected arrests (porn, etc.) made in Lake County In
    the last two years! Lake County has become a haven for sexual perverts to prey on our children!

    So it is now apparent the sexual violence In our schools gets the same attention from those who are sworn to protect and serve all of us including our children. Total Silence! This needs investigation!

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