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Local Tea Party under Attack

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Recently, the out-of-county, liberal newspaper and its bitter, old columnist have decided the best way to create controversy in order to sell more newspapers is by attacking the local Tea Party and its leader.  This local, liberal rag is following the same line of attack as the crowd and its supporters in the liberal media.  Although the playbook both outlets are using has been tried successfully many times, we don’t believe it will work this time.

We are offering some insight and advice to our friends and fellow conservatives in the Tea Party movement.  The liberal media’s tried-and-true strategy for stigmatizing conservatives is now being used on the Tea Party, so you need to inform all your members as to what is coming.

  • First, they want to caricaturize your leaders to portray them as the bogeyman.  Sarah Palin has been denigrated and made fun of to the point in which even lukewarm conservatives question her abilities.  The out-of-county newspaper is trying to do the same thing with Patricia Sullivan.  Look for Patricia Sullivan or other leaders in the local movement to be targeted unfairly and there will be efforts to make them look foolish.  People don’t follow or vote for cartoons.
  • The next narrative the liberal columnists will spin is that Tea Party members are really just crackpots who wear tinfoil hats and worry about the end of the world.  This is done so others will not be encouraged to join.  In the mind of a liberal, a person who loves his country, gets emotional about freedom, and believes in the sanctity of the United States Constitution is a loon.  You will be described as misfits who are disciples from every demented group ranging from the KKK to Nazis.
  • Then, you will be called stupid and told that you don’t understand the issues.  Liberals believe they are the smartest people in the room, and people who don’t have their pedigree are the great unwashed – surely a person with just a high school education doesn’t know anything.
  • You’ve already encountered the attacks on your religion.  Tea Party members who are people of faith will be attacked for being Bible thumpers who want to take over America.  If you profess to believe in Jesus Christ, you’ll be described as a hater or someone who’s intolerant when in actuality those who follow Christ are the complete opposite.
  • The final play in this liberal assault will be the constant playing of the hypocrite card.  They will say if you want to cut spending in education then you should support cutting your own Medicare.  They will look at members of your group and try to show hypocrisy in past actions – it will be vicious.

Don’t be fooled, you can see it now; this will be a coordinated attack by the liberals, the national media, and the out-of-county newspaper.

What should the Tea Party do and how should it react?  Here are some of our suggestions:

  1. Defend yourself against these attacks, but not through their form of media.  The internet has made newspapers a dying breed in the media world.  Instead, use the internet, Facebook, and Twitter to communicate with people.  Look at what the internet has done in the Middle East – it can do the same thing for you.
  2. Leaders and members of the movement should not respond to attacks from the out-of-county newspaper via their hard copy or online newspaper, because that’s what they want – readership.  This is their strategy for selling more newspapers – so avoid using their names.  You have your own media – use it.
  3. Don’t change who you are because that is what has made you strong.  When you try to shift your core values that is when you lose direction.  Do what is right and you will always be on the winning side.
  4. Always make sure you know your facts.  Any misstatement by a leader or member will be used against them like a whip.  If a “Gotcha Reporter” tries to embarrass you, just smile and walk away.  If you say nothing, they don’t have a story.
  5. Be prepared to defend your positions, and when the hypocrisy card is thrown at you defend yourself.  Everyone changes as they get older, and what you thought was reality two years ago may have changed.  Be true to your positions, even if it hurts.
  6. Importantly, there are good conservatives, both Democrat and Republican, whose views may differ from yours; don’t ostracize them.  Many Tea Party members want to change government policies from point A to B immediately, and there will be good conservatives who aren’t ready to go that far.  You should push them as much as you can, but realize you need all conservatives to have a real voice, even lukewarm ones.  On some issues, you will have to nudge and push a while before you achieve your objectives.
  7. Don’t be ashamed of your religion, and don’t allow the liberals to use it to divide your group.  As far as we can tell, the Tea Party group keeps many of the social issues out of their discussions; let everyone know that it’s okay to disagree on faith issues.  What binds your group is that you are all Americans and the future of our children trumps most arguments made by the liberals.

The earlier attacks by the out-of-county newspaper and its bitter, old columnist will be a continuously used narrative.  Don’t let it get you down or mad because each day they are losing influence.

The old, liberal playbook against the Tea Party won’t work because for the first time in a generation the American people get it.  It is like when America rallied during World War II for a greater purpose – most people understand that our freedom, our way of life, and most importantly our children’s future are in peril.  This is not a petty budget battle from the 1990’s; most Americans see this country’s huge debt as the greatest threat to America in their lifetime.  The American people are much farther ahead on this issue than the liberal media realizes because so many Americans have suffered so much during the last two years, or longer.

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8 Responses to “Local Tea Party under Attack”

  1. Are you knitwits in a congregate living facility or some other juman storage center where you are devoid of anything that resembles knowledge of the truth. Alex Sink so much of our Florida SBA funds ( and you probably have no idea what SBA stands for) into her Bank of America friends and associates the FRS (Florida Retirement System) will never recover from the losses. And don’t forget this corruption crosses party lines, Fairey Charile Crist and numnutz Slick Willie McCollum sat right there on the SBA board while she done it! The reason the good ole USA is 20 years past bankruptcy is because of folks like you with no brains that deny, deny, deny that these corrupt bass turds are stealing our money! Maybe you are one of them, who know? they are many, that for sure!

  2. Name says:

    That stuff about Alex Sink and the pension funds was a lie. Too bad so many believed it and supported crook, liar and hypocrite Rick Scott.

  3. Name IseeYou says:

    Nice pandering to the Tea Partiers, whom you so upset with the attacks on Marilyn Bainter. Trying to kiss and make up, huh? I’d be suprised if they are so gullible. Maybe the comments from “Very Good Advice” are evidence that they are.

  4. Wow, a bitter and unprofessional attack against a bitter and completely non-professional “columnist”. Frankly I find that acceptable since this particular columnist was actually “let go” by the out of town paper for similar actions in the past but retained her job by hiring a “lawyer”. Bottom line Lauren Ritchie and her paper are trash.

  5. I never saw many policemen at the Tea Party events but, I did see a lot of school teachers and other government employee’s. I always thought maybe most of the police with brains (there are a few!) stayed away because they didn’t want the media to use their presence as an excuse to paint the tea party people as requiring close supervision! But the teachers were really involved!

    Now it seems the Tea Party people have lost the teachers and other government employee’s support over Rick Scott. “Hello” the NLTP didn’t support Rick Scott, they supported Bill McCollum until Rick Scott beat him in the primary! They even sent out a blistering email attack about all the hospital corruption on Rick Scott on a Sunday just before the primary! One which received an honest response that was attacked by all the old Republican diehards within the NLTP with more blistering emails! Once Rick Scott won the Republican primary the NLTP and the RSOL jumped over on his side!

    What would these government union employee’s have the NLTP and the RSOL do, support the likes of Alex Sink who literally gave millions of pension fund monies to her friends and cronies at the Bank of America?

    The problem is these “teachers” have no education! They have little certificates to hang on the wall like the ones the Fruitland Park Chief bought for $1100.00 some probably with about as much effort as he exerted! They attack the tea party people simply because the Governor of Florida chose to announce his state employee benefit reduction act in Eustis, Florida! Maybe the tea party folks should have just old the governor to take a hike, people here in Lake County don’t need your baggage! This is nothing more than a divide and conquer techniqe used by the left since day one! They used it in the Civil War. And they use it every day right now with their social media’s and propaganda!

    The only former blogger with credible information made some good points! All these tea party people need sot start knocking on the city hall’s and county offices and watching their little deals! The Lake Schools and Lake County commission and Sheriff’s offices are wasting millions
    and pulling little help or friends who will in turn share the wealth schemes. “Let’s Get To Work”
    and stop this corruption now!

  6. Name says:

    You don’t need to worry about “liberals” destroying the tea partiers.

    Actions by those who they elected are going to take care of that.

    #1 on the list for playing politics and making stuipid decisions is Governor Rick Scott.

  7. Name says:

    The personal vendetta of the RSOL author towards the “out-of-county newspaper and its bitter, old columnist” is tiresome and unprofessional.

  8. This is one of the best articles you have ever written. Much more professional than attacking little ole ladies who are simply trying to get the people of Lake County the right to vote on an issue that taxes them for a specific issue without their constitutional right to vote on that tax!

    Just like unions, the tea parties were formed because of the needs and wants of certain people to achieve a goal! That goal was on a national level to bring attention to the atrocities Obama and his cronies were bring to bear on this great nation. Not at first on any local or state issues!

    Those of us with brains know the unions got out of control years ago and their greed ran wild until they basically destroy manufacturing and such with overpriced wages and benefits which eventually drove many millions of jobs ut of the USA and reduced places such as Dayton Ohio to ruins! As we all know now that private sector union membership is at 7% in the USA public sector unions are now overpricing wages and benefits for public employee’s because the realize we can not export these entities and import their services!

    As with your point very well taken concerning the lefts destruction of the credibility of Sarah Palin, it was Palin herself who supplied the ammo! She thought just merely being a good honest, Christian person would suffice and as you say in this article “Do what is right and you will always be on the winning side.” As we all know, that’s the way it should be but in today’s real world, it’s not always that way!

    Patricia Sullivan is Lake Counties Sarah Palin! A very good person! Some organization convinced her she could win a seat in congress. Had she won she would have been like a dog chasing a car, what would he do with it if he caught it? On the other hand before announcing her bid for congress she had organized a very viable organization with the North Lake Tea Party! When she was forced to turn the leadership over to her NLTP Co-founder it fell apart!

    David Von Gunten like Patricia Sullivan is a very good person and well meaning in his endeavors! He is however not a leader and in fact mixes with others much like oil and water.

    The most recent NLTP email blast out was written by Patricia Sullivan and holpfully she will regain some leadership in this organization.

    In order for these local tea party organizations to succeed it is imperative that the leadership have absolutely no allegiance to anyone or any organization with the power to influence the direction of that organization.

    At one of the first open to the public, minutes kept, meetings of the North Lake Hospital District board, Patricia Sullivan spoke to that body. It was obvious to those attending her remarks were
    Carefully chosen because she was addressing one of her husband’s bosses. VP Ken Carpenter of the USB!

    Likewise the Tri-County Tea party of Lady Lake has a husband and wife leadership whom many
    do not like the way they exercise controls over issues! Many who would love to attend claim to feel too much presence of the pressure from the Villages. A recent email blast out from Pam Dahl attacking a Sun News Story for suppressing information might be a sign of changes to come within that organization! Hopefully So!

    All of these local Tea Party leaders and organizations have made no serious efforts into looking at Lake County issues or corruption. I can assure you if they would take the time to educate themselves they would find plenty of organized input on issues that would make the hair stand up on their neck! they say charity begins at home well education of how government works and how they are robbing the taxpayers state, federal and local funds right here under the noses of these well meaning tea party leaders!

    Until these leaders get an education on this local corruption they will be fodder for attacks by this ole mean witch from the out of town newspapers as well as other liberal media outlets and
    those leaders within the local culture of corruption who use otherwise honest, well meaning individuals to do their beckoning under that all familiar phrase, its best for all concerned!

    So, tea party leaders, if you want to be leaders now is your chance! Get your education about
    local issues of corruption. Stop truning your heads and calling it politics! It is corruption pure and simple! Learn where millions of your tax dollars are being squandered for the good of the people! (what people!) Find out what’s really going on the local agencies! find out whose kinfolks get the best paying jobs, even with hiring freezes on! Find out why Sheriff Borders refused to reduce his budget by a mere $3 million dollars this year! Find out why every employee of the Sheriff get a free cell phone with pay per minute direct connect, voice and texting! Find out why we borrowed $10 million for the county wide 800 mtz Radio system
    and Sandy Minkoff forgot to tell the BCC and the public about the $1.6 million annual maintance
    agreement –

    Lead, follow, or get out of the way! This massive corruption and waste of millions of tax dollars we do not presently have and can not expect to obtain through the magic “penny” tax has destroyed Lake County. If we could make the RSOL happy by begining a home building blitz today it would take a lifetime to regain the losses of just the last ten years of the “game of Lake.”

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