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2010 – A Year of Change

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The last week of any given year is usually filled with reflections, pontifications, and prognostications.  The best way to evaluate 2010 is to identify the most important changes that have taken place during the last 12 months.  There’s no doubt that in Lake County the most important events were the political changes that blew in this fall – the total rejection of the anti-growth movement, a political house cleaning, and the overwhelming rejection of Amendment 4.

Lake County’s citizens were tired of hearing about the trumped-up claims of sprawl; sick of watching extreme environmentalists put their agendas above jobs; and done putting up with the hypocrisy of a movement that seeks to protect a lifestyle at the expense of everyone else.  The over-the-top fees, regulations, and bureaucracy in Lake County government – orchestrated by politicians who masqueraded as conservative Republicans – became too much.  During the elections, the people of Lake County spoke loud and clear – they wanted change!

When you compare the last week of 2010 to that of 2009, what is different?

  • The new Lake County Board of County Commissioners is reaching out to the business community looking for good ideas, and they have started reviewing all anti-business regulations.  County leaders clearly understand that Lake County’s economy needs a lot of help, and attitudes of staff members are being changed to encourage economic growth.  The new commission knows that business people are not “grandstanding” as alleged by a previous no-growth commissioner.
  • At the state level, the people voted out Governor “Coppertone” Charlie Crist, who was a Democrat masquerading as a conservative Republican.  Florida has been in a state of decline since Crist took the governor’s seat.  Whether you like him or not, new Governor Rick Scott will get Florida working again.   A year from now Governor Scott will most likely be heralded as a Governor who has taken swift, decisive action, which leaders across America will envy.
  • Nationally, “hope and change” have been rejected, and the American people have made it clear that the most important issue is getting the economy moving.  The change in Congress is profound, and in 2011, there will be a complete reversal of the “jam through” agenda of the Socialist-leaning Congress.  Real action will be taken this coming year to get Americans back to work, with President Obama now saying that the most important “singular issue” for next year is the economy.  Our question:  Why wasn’t the economy the most important issue for the President over the last two years?

All of these political changes will transform the business environment on the local, state, and national levels in 2011, and we predict that you will see confidence ooze back into America.

In 2011, political leaders will begin to address the real issues – head on, together – with a sense of urgency not seen in the last four years.  As confidence grows in America, people will begin to get their swagger back, and this will lead to a revitalization of the American spirit.  2011 will be the year of revitalization.

Citizens of Lake County and the state of Florida should never forget that we live in the greatest area in the greatest state in America.  More importantly, Florida is Florida!  Millions of people in America want to live here, and things will get better.  2010 was a year of change in political leadership.  2011 will be a year of change in government policy and direction.

Happy New Year to all of our subscribers, and please continue to work hard this next year to make a difference!

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4 Responses to “2010 – A Year of Change”

  1. Yes we made great strides both locally and nationally on the political scene. Getting rid of the RINO’s on the BCC was a good start. But let’s not forget it was only a start. Many say that Jennifer Hill probably won’t run again because Mark will be ready to retire and maybe they will be able to enjoy their TN property. That being said its that 2 year time when 3 members of the LCBCC are up for election. A lot of activity is beginning to stir about possible contenders to take on the two men and Jennifer’s seat! I believe it will be a very organized effort this time around because the right people are now tired of what’s been going on around Tavares for a long time. This upcoming 2012 election year will be bringing on contenders for all constitutional officers in Lake County as well as the 5th Circuit’s public defender and states attorney! With the organization of the tea parties the grass roots people have began to learn they can in fact make a difference and do not have to succumb to the games these career political officer holders continue to play! Some exciting news concerning these effort will soon be forthcoming!
    Lake County will soon be once again a place you can feel proud to call home!

  2. Name says:

    Jimmy is in a damage control mode. his biggest fear is channel 9 not calling him back when
    he calls them for a breaking news story about what he had for breakfast.

  3. I was watching some news footage on ABC (All Barack Channel) and It’s fuzzy alright but there was a couple of figures running around out there that resembled Charlie Crist and Jimmy Conner.If its Jimmy I hope we didn’t spring for that trip like we the did Welton’s. I guess it could be Jimmy he hasn’t made any new how great he is stories on his website since Dec 20th and in fact he he didn’t even give us any Merry Christmas and Happy New Year’s articles! Where is Jimmy?

  4. The people of Lake County owe you a great deal for your support to restore their economy. As you well know Lake has a very diverse population. Many of the retiree’s have not been effected by the recession on pensions and such unless it was through their investments of which some has taken a nose dive. Lake has evolved over the years to a working enviroment of service providers only. In times of recessions and don’t kid yourself this is depression status in many families, those in need of services actually thrive by taking advantage of those in need of work! It is happening right here everyday.

    It appears the federal government who apparently owns or controls the vast majority of delinquent and foreclosed home mortgages supports the sales of these properties to government or quasi government agencies because the feds feel this ownership structure brings stability to the markets. This action supports the socialist movement and actually deters homeownership.

    You are right, the people have made great strides in just one year! However to win a war one must usually win many battles. When you knock them back they simply regroup and return with more force and determination. (Your mention of Obama suddenly acting like the economy is now important to him, is an example of this) It’s all smoke and mirrors!

    The orgainzed bureaucrats will never give up. Tavares is a prime example of this. Less than two months after voters rejected bond issues for funds to expand Wooten park the bureaucrats are saying voters are approaching them now saying they wish they had of voted in favor of plan! I can’t help but wonder if these are some of the same people I’ve heard say they wish they had of voted for the old white man for president!

    The voters and the public at large, if they have been paying any attention, should have got one heck of an education in the last two years! If they have not learned anything else they should have learned all politicians speak with a forked tongue. While some may actually mean what they say at the time, they eventually come to realize the system is designed to prevent a few well meaning folks to acheive the power to change it. Like the trained bureaucrats, we the people must never give up! Our survival demands we watch every move! Those who can should get involved, go to council and commission meetings, get up there and ask questions and demand answers! Join a local tea party orgainzation for support! In a recent article in the Leesburg Commercial concerning the Tri-County Tea Party the writer made snide remarks about statements made about taking our country back and back to where and such! These liberal writers have no idea what opportunities real Americans had after coming home from WW2 because if the are under forty years old they have never been taught American History in our public schools! What a shame, they think they know everything and don’t know crap!

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