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Republican Commissioners Cast Votes for Democrat Egor Emery

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Stewart and Renick Cast Votes for Democrat

The Lake County Board of County Commissioners voted 4-0 (Hill not present) to place Democrat District #4 Commissioner candidate, E.K. (Egor) Emery as the liaison from the Zoning Board to the Affordable Housing Committee.  This is wrong on so many levels, and it once again proves that many on the Commission have strong ties to the Democrat Party and no loyalty to Republicans.  More importantly, the Commission ignored basic qualifications essential to being on the Affordable Housing Committee.

Without digging too deep, here are the troubling issues with this appointment:

  • Egor Emery is a bicycle mechanic and has no knowledge on housing issues.  In fact, why is he even on the Zoning Board?  During a recent forum, Linda Stewart said, about Republican Party loyalty in appointing committee assignments, that “qualifications are more important than party.”  Okay, Egor Emery doesn’t have any qualification to be on the Affordable Housing Committee.  So, why did you vote for this Democrat?
  • Go to Emery’s website, and you will see that he’s a devout no growth advocate who does not believe in housing growth.  Lake County is putting an anti-housing zealot on the same board with anti-housing Commissioner Elaine Renick who now chairs that committee.  Renick, as the Chairman of the Affordable Housing Committee, could have objected to this Democrat nomination; but supported it because she supports Emery.  Affordable housing for the working poor is doomed with these two on this committee because their main priority is to stop growth – not housing people.
  • Linda Stewart is running against Emery in the race for District #4 Commissioner, and she just voted to put him on a board.  What?  This is also the same Linda Stewart who wouldn’t have qualified for this election if not for the efforts of Emery in gathering signature cards on her behalf.  This relationship stinks and confirms something we’ve been saying all along – Linda Stewart is a Democrat.
  • It also says a lot about the intelligence and savvy of Elaine Renick and Linda Stewart who’ve been hammered at forums for appointing Democrats to committees.  The arrogance of this vote by these two Republican candidates is a direct renouncement of the local Republican Party and its leadership.  This is a slap in the face to every Republican in Lake County.

The excuse Commissioners Renick and Stewart will make is that Emery was recommended to be the liaison by the Zoning Board.  If this is their reasoning, then it shows they have no serious qualifying process when making committee assignments.  More important than Egor Emery being a Democrat is the fact the man is not qualified to serve on any housing committee, and his anti-growth/housing stances should have disqualified him.

For years, the environmental crowd has tried to say that business people were in cahoots with politicians to manipulate the system, but in actuality, it’s they who have been plotting in the smoke filled rooms.  The links between Democrat Egor Emery and Commissioners Stewart and Renick are undeniable, and it proves that both of these Commissioners should be running in the Democrat primary.  The zealots on the other side will slam our group for writing this newsletter, but the votes were cast by Renick and Stewart.  It’s not about us, it’s about their actions.

The Next Big Dilemma

On their August 3rd agenda, the Lake County Board of County Commissioners must re-appoint the Lake County Impact Fee Committee for a two year term ending August 6, 2012.  Three leading Democrat activists, Nancy Hurlbert, Richard Giacobe, and Bill Calhoun are all seeking another two year term, but there are six Republicans who have applied for those positions.  The Democrats are supporters of Commissioners Elaine Renick and Linda Stewart and their no growth positions.  Will Commissioners Renick and Stewart support the Republicans applying for the positions or will they support the Democrats?  The Impact Fee Committee will be a huge force in determining the economic and future growth of Lake County.  So, who will these two liberal Commissioners side with – Democrats or Republicans?

Additionally, our group has voiced its objection to Carol MacLeod, CFO for the Lake County School District, being re-appointed to the Impact Fee Committee because she is not a resident of Lake County.  It should make sense to everyone that a person serving on this committee be a resident of Lake County, and not just an employee of the school district.

Finally, can Lake County find a real Lake County banker to represent its industry on this committee?  Peter Glenn, who represents the banking industry of Lake County, is a retired out of state banker who doesn’t know or understand Lake County.  Is there any banker in the county who is willing to serve on one of the most important committees in the county?  No other committee affects your industry more than this one.  You’d better apply quickly!

Side Note

Last night, Commissioner Elaine Renick and candidate David Yeager blew off the Republican Executive Committee Debate in Clermont for a Meet and Greet in Fruitland Park.  How many more times will the Republican Party accept Renick’s disrespect?  See their rebuke of both candidates on our “What’s On Your Mind?” section of our website.

8 Responses to “Republican Commissioners Cast Votes for Democrat Egor Emery”

  1. win says:

    I just happen to stumble on this site and it is a good written article, a little on the long end, but a pretty satisfactory one.
    I very much like the layout too, it is fairly very easy to navigate.

  2. Name says:

    OK…there were 4 votes to appoint Emery…what about the two MEN voting in favor of Emery? YOU are a sexist!!

  3. If you think this is a good resource, you need to get educated. This site is nothing more than a bunch of upset money makers who are no longer getting their kick-backs from county officials. Last time I checked, this was still the United States of America where anyone, whether bike mechanic or dairy farmer could become an elected official if they so chose. If people MUST be politicians or wealthy business owners before they can take a stab at changing their country, then we wouldn’t be a free country. GET OVER IT. We the people have the right to be a no-body with some pretty good ideas and enough courage to get in front of the big dogs and say, I want to make a difference. You can vote for who you choose, but in the end no one should be told they can’t stand for what they believe in. PERIOD. What is this Nazi Germany? If Admin is a true Republican…and if a Democrat is the opposite of you and your belief system, then I’m a freakin Democrat! In the end, I’m going to have my own mind and choose the BEST person for the job, I don’t care what their name-tag says!

  4. Name Arnie says:

    These two are scatterbrains. How could they be retired teachers? Guess that’s what’s wrong with the system. One thing for sure I don’t fault them with missing the Lake County REC function. Just like the RPOF all these controlled REC’s are hand selected to control every aspect of Republican activity. Now just think! Don’t you feel all warm and fuzzy and get that ole down home feeling when you get around Joe Rudderow and the REC gang? Same with the state RPOF organization. Even though you are a registered Republican they make you feel about as welcome as Adolf Eikman was in Isreal! All these upper crooks want to control everything but, they are too stupid to realize we little pee-on’s have to vote them in before they can control something. That’s how the democrats took over everything. They welcome everyone in their party and act like they are one big happy family whether they are or not! The Repubs invented this class war everyone is saying we are in now, because if you can’t give them maximun donations and to all their corrupt friends you ain’t “in the party.”

  5. Democrat, republican, independant – it should not matter. You should vote for the best person. David Duke is a Republican but I would not vote for him. When will this site realize that a one party state is either fascist, communist or a dictatorship. Give me Republicans have solid positions in the middle any day. At least under Stewart and Renick our taxes have not increased, fees have decreased, County government is 40% smaller and there is a budget for economic incentives for business. You cannot say that for the previous two commissions.

  6. Name says:

    I find it very telling that this blog takes to task two candidates for “disrespecting” the Lake County REC by attending a meet and greet in Fruitland Park, but does not mention that the affair in Fruitland Park was organized by the American Legion. Since when does a local polical party deserve more respect than the veterans whose sacrifices have ensured the freedoms that allow this type of forum to exist.

  7. Name says:

    My Emery has a long history of volunteering for the betterment of Lake County.

    If the other members of the Zoning Board put his name forward as their appointment to the Affordable Housing Advisory Committee, I don’t see why you would expect the BCC to overrule that decision.

    What difference does it make about his party affiliation?

    Our elected officials should represent all of the people, not just those of their own party.

    This site is more than extreme and also full of lies, assumptions and baloney.

    Truly sad how you aim to divide rather than unite. Especially during these difficult times.

    Shame on you.

  8. What a great resource!

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