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Democrat Leaders Hijack Impact Fee Committee And Vote Against Jobs and Working People

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Democrat Leaders Hijack Impact Fee Committee
And Vote Against Jobs and Working People
February 23, 2010 

 “Democrat Leaders Approved by Republican Commissioners” 

On Thursday, the Lake County Impact Fee Committee voted 5-4 to recommend to the Lake County Board of County Commissioners that they NOT suspend transportation impact fees.  Citizens for Better Government, L.L.C. has started a complete investigation of the individuals who voted against the proposal to suspend the fees; because, in our view, when there is a 12.7% unemployment rate there is no rational reason why anyone would vote against jobs and working people.

Our investigation, which is ongoing, has uncovered some of the most shocking political information we have ever discovered.  Lake County is a conservative Republican county that in 2008 was in favor of Republican John McCain by almost 14 points over Barack Obama.  Lake County has elected five Republican County Commissioners, who are responsible and must vote for those assigned to the Impact Fee Committee.  This Committee has some members who are from industry and associations, and the Commission can either accept or reject their recommendations.

The five Republican Members of the Lake County Commission have ceded control of the Impact Fee Committee and its process to the Lake County Democrat Party.  On July 22, 2008, the Republican Lake County Board of County Commissioners voted to add the following At-Large Members to the Impact Fee Committee – Nancy Hurlbert, Bill Calhoun and Richard Giacobe, who are all leaders in the local Democrat Party.  In fact, Nancy Hurlbert is the current Chairperson for the local Democrat Party.

The following five members of the Impact Fee Committee are those who voted against suspending transportation impact fees:

NANCY LEE HURLBERT             Residential Phone Number (352) 483-4962

35624 Cypress Court                    Business Phone Number (352) 483-4962

Leesburg, Florida  34788             Email – tnhurlbert@aol.com 

Party:  Democrat, Currently Chairperson of the Lake County Democrat Party 

Occupation:  Retired partner of South Florida civil engineering firm; however, she lists no degrees in engineering, she just says “some college.”
Lake County Democrat Chairperson, Nancy Hurlbert, presenting an award to Fred McDowell with Democrat Congressional Hero, Alan Grayson

Nancy Hurlbert is currently the Chairman of the Lake County Democrat Party.  Based on her picture (above), she is also a huge supporter of Congressman Alan Grayson.  Recently, she praised Barack Obama for the direction of the country, and The Daily Commercial showed her celebrating the night Obama was elected.  During the impact fee hearing, she cited a Brooking Industry Study for her reason in opposing the suspension of transportation impact fees, and that she didn’t want to spur growth on.  She wanted to force possible new businesses to use existing buildings – government control.  The Democrat platform of government intervention is evident in her vote to stop jobs in Lake County.

BILL CALHOUN                              Residential Phone Number (352) 750-6430

913 Algonquin Road                     Email – bill2joan1@embarqmail.com

Lady Lake, Florida  32159 

Party:  Democrat, Past President of Lady Lake Democrats and Past Officer of the Lake County Democrat Party

Occupation:  Retired military
Democrat School Board Member, Cindy Barrow, having a good time with Lady Lake Democrat Leader Bill Calhoun, Obama Supporter.

Bill Calhoun for awhile could be recognized as the person holding the large stuffed toy tomato, calling himself the “Sweetest Tomato”.  He is a far left activist in the Democrat Party with direct ties to the leftist group Moveon.org, and he is the Past President of the Lady Lake Democrat group in The Villages and Past Officer of the Lake County Democrat Party.  According to his internet blogs, he was a “Deaniac” (Howard Dean Supporter) and a huge supporter of Kerry and Obama.  During the Impact Fee Committee meeting on Thursday, Calhoun suggested the unemployment numbers were not real and that fixing potholes is more important than creating jobs.  Four different sources who attended the meeting said his statements were bizarre and absolutely without reason.  He could not understand that transportation impact fees are only for new roads; they are not for repairing old ones.  Calhoun is considered on the fringe of the Democrat left and he has a pattern of bizarre behavior.

RICHARD GIACOBE                      Residential Phone Number (352) 557-4504

940 Cornell Avenue                       Cell Phone Number (352) 978-1594

Clermont, Florida  34711              Email – RGiacobe@hotmail.com 

Party:  Democrat and leading activist – ran as Democrat for Clermont City Council

Occupation:  Owner Giacobe Enterprises LLC (Cleaning Company)
Richard Giacobe with Democrat Activists, Patricia Gallahger and Mark Esche, at a Memorial Day Event welcoming Democrat candidates.

Richard Giacobe was an unsuccessful Democrat candidate for the Clermont City Council, and he is very active in the Democrat Party.  According to sources, he tried to put the impression to others that he was going to be on the side of small business, but his vote says otherwise.  During the Impact Fee Committee meeting on Thursday, he first voted in favor of suspending transportation impact fees for an entire year; however, it appears that after he saw the way his other Democrat leaders voted, he realized his swing vote was not in line.  He then voted against suspending the fees in an apparent attempt to get in line with the Democrat Party.

KAREN LEHEUP-SMITH              Residential Phone Number (352) 589-4080

426 E Lemon Ave.                          Business Phone Number (352) 357-6363

Eustis, Florida  32726                    Email – tkbsmith@comcast.net 

Party:  Republican

Occupation:  Wachovia Securities (one of America’s largest banks)
Eustis Anti-Growth/Business Mayor, Karen LeHeup-Smith

Karen LeHeup-Smith is the Mayor of Eustis.  She came into office in 2006 during the anti-growth crusades of the County.  During her time in office, Eustis has been obliterated by the economy.  She has overseen the destruction of her City’s economy and massive job losses as businesses have run from her policies.  LeHeup-Smith works for Wachovia Securities, which is a part of that total bank bailout nonsense.  Even after that, she still cannot understand the need for jobs.  No wonder Eustis has become one of the fastest decaying cities in Lake County.  Their only hope is that one day Tavares might annex them in.  She serves on the Impact Fee Committee as the Representative of the League of Cities.  Citizens for Better Government, L.L.C. has asked her if she polled the cities to see if they agree with her vote.  We have not received a response as of yet.

CAROL MACLEOD                         Business Phone (352) 253-6566

9413 Pebble Glen Ave.                  Business Cell (352) 217-4126

Tampa, FL  33647                           Email – macleodc@lake.k12.fl.us

Party:  Republican
School Board CFO, Carol MacLeod

First of all, why is Carol MacLeod on this Committee?  Her legal homestead is down in Hillsborough County.  As a matter of fact, why is Lake County Schools paying six figures to someone who doesn’t even live in Lake County?  Probably one of the dumbest votes cast on the Impact Fee Committee was that of Carol MacLeod.  The Lake County School District must pay huge transportation impact fees when they build a school.  If these fees were suspended, then there are better chances the district will have more activity and opportunity to collect school impact fees.  In addition, waiving transportation impact fees would create jobs that would help the school system.  It is obvious she is following the direction of her boss, Democrat Leader and School Board Chairman Cindy Barrow, who is a leading supporter of higher taxes, no-growth and anti-business.  Citizens for Better Government, L.L.C. wants to know from Carol MacLeod if her vote on Thursday was her own, or did she cast it at the direction of someone else.  Carol MacLeod, it’s time for you to be held accountable and become a resident of Lake County!

Citizens for Better Government, L.L.C. has just started its investigation on how the Impact Fee Committee was hijacked by such leftist activists from the Democrat Party.  An audio tape of the meeting is due out this week.  It is obvious the local Democrat Party is driving the anti-growth/business agenda based on its own leader’s vote Thursday.  It appears there are irregularities in some of the information on committee members, which we are investigating now and will report at a later date. Democrats have been a minority party in Lake County for decades and it appears they have quietly been taking over control via the backroom committees of the County.  The vast majority of Lake County residents do not support Congressman Alan Grayson’s agenda or the Move-on.org agenda, yet it is being rammed down their throats without their knowledge.

Citizens for Better Government, L.L.C. believes government works best when the will of the people is followed by its elected officials.  Elections have consequences and whoever wins should follow the will of the people.  Our group has been troubled for sometime how there was such a disconnect between local elected officials and committees.  Now, the mystery has been solved – extremists in the Democrat Party are running this County by hiding their agenda and being appointed by Republican leaders.

Here is the real question – during next week’s vote on suspending transportation impact fees by the Lake County Board of County Commissioners, will the five duly elected Republican Commissioners vote with their constituents who want jobs created, or will they vote with the Democrat leadership who has tried to kill this suspension in the Impact Fee Committee.  Who do they support, Alan Grayson and Move-on.org, or the working people of Lake County?

The Republican Party of Lake County should be very disturbed to see that the candidates they have donated money to and worked hard to elect are ceding power to Democrat leaders, who are destroying their agenda in the backrooms.  Citizens for Better Government, L.L.C. calls on all sides to come out and stop the charades in an effort to fool voters.  Citizens are getting mad about being lied to, and there are thousands of Republican voters who have cast votes for these Commissioners with the understanding they would appoint like minded people to various committees, not Democrat leaders.  Republican voters have been betrayed!

Since 2003, Citizens for Better Government, L.L.C. has been exposing the political dark side in Lake County, and our investigation into this troubling matter is continuing.  If you would like to make a comment on today’s newsletter go to www.lakecountygov.info, and please forward this to every person in Lake County so they can see this betrayal for themselves.

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