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Lake County’s Worst Elected Official for 2009

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Lake County’s Worst Elected Official for 2009
December 22, 2009

As 2009 comes to a close, Citizens for Better Government, L.L.C. believes it is important to recognize the politician who has done the most to make Lake County a worse place to live and work.  There were several elected officials who had terrible performances in 2009, but one official stood out for doing the absolute worst job of all.  The achievements by District 2 Lake County Commissioner Elaine Renick in failure, chaos, and governmental hypocrisy set a benchmark for worst that will be hard for others to achieve in the future.

Here is a brief list describing Elaine Renick’s failures, inept leadership, and under achieving that has earned her the title of Lake County’s Worst Elected Official for 2009:

·        Renick pushed the Niagara lawsuit after being told by her own attorneys not to pursue it, and it could end up costing Lake County and Groveland between $2-$5 million in wasted legal fees.

·        Renick held secret water meetings in the Lake County Courthouse with her LPA cronies and lobbyists from the environmental movement, which violated her own lobbyist laws and has led to potential Florida Sunshine Law violations.  At the end of the day, the meetings were for nothing because the Niagara lawsuit was a loser to start with.

·        Renick led the way in passing the property-right-killing ordinances for irrigation and landscaping, which are based on nothing but junk science and her opinion.  These ordinances have added to Lake County’s reputation as an anti-business/growth county.

·        Renick pushed to railroad the future comprehensive land plan crafted by her cronies on the LPA, which does not reflect the wishes of 80% of the people in Lake County.  The vast majority do not support the land plan because it was crafted by a LPA loaded with Renick supporters, who are on the extreme fringe of the environmental movement.

·        Renick has been an unofficial correspondent for The Orlando Sentinel, which has been the leading anti-growth/business media outlet and Lauren Ritchie has used her to promote their anti-business stance.

·        Renick hassled every potential project that came before the Commission, and growing jobs is never a primary reason for her when considering approval for a project.

·        The “green” economic plan she forced down Lake County’s throat has been a total disaster in 2009, and she refuses to admit it does not and will not work.  Renick is so committed to her ideology that she is willing to let the economy fail.

·        In Commission meetings, she has insulted working men and women in the building and business community on numerous occasions and her words have been used to perpetuate Lake County’s anti-business climate.  Because she is an amateur in governing and attracting businesses, her poison tongue is heard across the State of Florida.  She is one of the reasons why Lake County’s unemployment is now at a generational high of 12.7%.

Commissioner Elaine Renick has single-handedly done more harm to Lake County businesses and working people than any elected official in the last ten years.  There is not one elected official who is more under-qualified, divisive, and beholding to the extreme environmental movement than Elaine Renick.

In Lake County during this Christmas season, there are thousands of working people and their children who have directly suffered because Elaine Renick has failed them.  The Christmas lights are not as bright in the homes of many in Lake County because of Elaine Renick.

There is an old adage, “one person can make a difference” and that is absolutely correct.  One person, Elaine Renick, has made a terrible difference.  If you would like to congratulate Commissioner Renick on her award for being named Lake County’s Worst Elected Official for 2009, please email her at erenick@lakecountyfl.gov.  If you would like to comment on today’s newsletter go to www.lakecountygov.info, and sign-up for the newsletter is free.  Next week, we will announce Lake County’s Best Elected Official for 2009.

Have a Merry Christmas and may God bless you and your family!

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