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New Comp Plan Will Extend Economic Misery for Years

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The Three Sisters of Economic Doom

In November of 2006 when Commissioners Elaine Renick and Linda Stewart rolled into office along with School Board Member Cindy Barrow, Lake County was promised a new day of environmentalism, better schools, no growth, and prosperity for all in a new greener way while rejecting the old, greedy economic engines of the past.  Some three years later, how are things working?

In the last two years, Lake County has experienced an “It’s A Wonderful Life” moment, and many are pleading with Clarence to take us back.  In that movie, George’s guardian angel, Clarence, grants him his wish that he was never born.  Clarence tells George, “You’ve been given a great gift, George, a chance to see the world if you had never been born.”  Citizens of Lake County, for the last two years you have been given a great gift – a world if people like Elaine Renick, Linda Stewart, and Cindy Barrow stay in charge.

Since November of 2006, are you better off?  Let’s look at the numbers and circumstances:

  • Unemployment in April of 2009 was 10.3% compared to 3.5% in 2006 – that’s only 294.3% worse.  This does not include the 65%+  small subcontractors out of business.
  • Median home selling prices have gone from $248,847 to $148,262, so everyone has lost about $100,000 in family wealth.
  • Foreclosures for the first three months in 2009 were 2,000 compared to 475 during the entire year of 2006.  At this pace 7,525 more homes will be foreclosed.
  • New construction permits, which create jobs throughout the county, were 3,464 in 2006.  The trend this year is less than 300 for the entire year.
  • The county budget is in shambles and massive cutbacks are being implemented at all levels.
  • The Lake County School District is virtually bankrupt with massive teacher layoffs and wage cuts in the offering, and things will only get worse during the next few years as Obama’s stimulus money will dry up next year.
  • Everything is “for sale” or “for lease” as over 500 properties are listed just on the main corridors of Highways 27 and 441.
  • The misery index for working people, charities, and the poor are the highest since The Great Depression, and the angst against government is seething.

Elaine Renick, Linda Stewart, and Cindy Barrow have been failures as leaders for Lake County and they have become the butt of jokes of politicians in surrounding counties who thank them daily for the new business they are getting from Lake County.

The no-growth and environmental extremists point out that the country is in a huge recession and that created this mess, but the point is no growth has occurred in Lake County; we just get to see it sooner than later.  It is obvious the bitter weed of no-growth bears a worthless fruit of despair – the last year has proven that.

Here is where it gets spooky; Lake County could extend this misery another 20 years if it approves the job killing, no growth biased Comprehensive Land Use Plan as proposed by the Land Planning Agency.  They call this plan “Planning Horizon 2030”, and if the county follows it, we will all be falling off the cliff to economic ruin.  This plan was written by disciples of Renick, Stewart, and Barrow as they seek to build a Lake County utopia, which is one with nature and dirt poor.  The focus of the plan is not how the county builds jobs or opportunities, but rather how to stop all growth and commerce.

Some call our group alarmists at times, but this Comprehensive Land Use Plan, if passed in this form, will destroy your business, your job, your family’s land and home values, and your children’s future.  The current recession in Lake County will be extended for a lifetime, and everything you ever hoped to achieve will be wiped away.  This Comprehensive Land Use Plan is a landmark point for Lake County – Do we offer a better life for our children or do we shackle our children to poverty?

Like Californians who stood up last week to higher taxes and out of control government, you need to get out of your seat and start fighting this new Comprehensive Land Use Plan.  Attend meetings; use your voice; and stand up for your children, because if you don’t Elaine Renick, Linda Stewart, and Cindy Barrow will steal every dime from them in the name of the environmental views.  Not standing up to this disastrous Comprehensive Land Use Plan will get Lake County’s working people three things – unemployed, broke, and homeless.

The first meeting is today at 1:00 p.m. in room 233 of the Lake County Administration Building.  Additional meetings have been scheduled for June 9th at 9:00 a.m., June 16th at 1:00 p.m. and July 7th at 1:00 p.m., all in room 233.  Once again, they have scheduled meetings where working people cannot attend.  Thanks for stacking the deck!  Voice your opinion and stay tuned to www.lakecountygov.info  for more information on this.  Let us know if you are satisfied with the direction Lake County is taking by leaving a blog comment.

Lake County 2009 Comprehensive Plan

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