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This edition of The Right Side of the Lake is going to be far less political and more of a reminder of the difficulties that many working families are facing in Lake County right now.  Today, working people and their families are being squeezed on every side, and bad times due to job losses, reduced wages, inflation, and home foreclosures have left no one exempt.  This economic downturn has put everyone in the same pot, and it has not discriminated; everyone is feeling the pain, depending how close you are to the burner.

There is a real angst permeating in our society that politicians had better become aware of, or we could face civil unrest like we have never seen before.  Many choose not to see it, but it is out there.  If you spend any time with real working families, you see some of the following:

  • There is a belief by those who have worked hard all of their life and played by the rules that the government is giving it to those who have taken the easy way out.  There is a real resentment toward the government bailouts and the forced charity to others in our society who choose not work as hard or who live beyond their means.
  • Families are feeling the economic pressures on all sides, and rather than turning toward one another for strength they are turning away.  We are slowly seeing the breakup of the American family, which could result in generational changes.
  • Government on all levels is not trusted, and people are tired of the lies and broken promises.  Unlike the past when the media was controlled in Washington D.C. and New York, people are seeing firsthand through the internet how tawdry most political leaders are, and they are really getting mad.
  • Many believe the United States Constitution and their personal liberties are under assault.  Like patriots of the past, there is a growing feeling they must be defended.  The American Patriots still live in 2009.  Just as in 1776, many are willing to stand up for this country.
  • There is a harshness growing against the liberal special interest groups, which seek to steal money on behalf of their good causes.  Special interest groups are being identified for what they are:  just another money grab by left wing extremists.  In the American culture of today, it has become all about the money.  People are tired of it.
  • For some, job losses and home foreclosures are creating situations in which everything in their world is collapsing, and many are truly depressed and giving up hope.

The politicians in Washington D.C., Tallahassee, and Lake County need to understand that hope, not help, is needed more than anything.  Without hope that tomorrow is going to be better, people will only search and find those who they can blame for their plight.  Without hope, the minds of previously restrained citizens become the fertile ground of zealots who seek to take the country in a direction which does not properly serve the Constitution.  Without hope, people give up on America.

Leaders raise money, get elected, and ask for votes to lead people, and leading people is not done by scaring them to death or saying everything is a crisis.  Leading people is giving them the confidence that tomorrow will always be better, and that when their last breath is taken, they are leaving a better world for their children.  Right now, we don’t have anyone giving hope to working families.

Finally, be very mindful of those who have allowed this economy to cloud their emotions and judgment, and who could be on the verge on taking unthinkable action against themselves or others.  Reach out to those who are at the end of their rope and remind them the things in this life we think are so important, like homes, cars, and dime store junk, we never really own it.  We are all just borrowing it from God while we are here.  The really important things in life are a person’s family and friends.  Ask them to imagine what their real thoughts would be during the last hour before God calls them home.  That is where you will find what’s really important in your life.

Hope can change a world, and hope can make tomorrow a better day.  Have and spread hope for better times, and they will come.

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