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It’s Time to Think Big

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Have you ever noticed that every pro-business or common sense ordinance that comes forward, the same ole’ leftist environmentalist from South Lake with their willing accomplices at the Lake Sentinel come out to oppose them?  Big ideas, economic progress, or new voices are never welcomed, and this crowd would be content to drive Lake County to the minimal wage, orange picking days of the 1970’s.  Lake County has no chance of prospering or changing its bleak economic course until those people and their out-of-date ideas are put to pasture.

The primary reason the stimulus package from Washington D.C. will have no affect on Lake County is because government has allowed the left wing loons to dictate the agenda.  If tomorrow, Lake County obtained a billion dollars from Washington D.C. to build roads, improve infrastructure, or construct a power plant, those projects would be years going through the laughable approval process of this County, and there is a better than even chance they would not get approved.  Businesses and working families are held hostage by a group of politicians who have lost the ability to serve the common good and think big.

It is time for the politicians in Lake County to think big and erase their mental chalkboards of all of the stuff they thought they knew.  Let’s face it; what they’ve been doing since the election of Commissioners Stewart and Renick isn’t working.  Never have the election of two politicians heralded in such a long run of bad times in this County’s history.

When bold action is needed we have two politicians who only want to act as road blocks.  When families are losing their homes and struggling to put bread on their tables, we have two politicians who push suing a water company that wants to bring in 200 jobs.  Instead of thinking big, we get no thought process at all in these two Commissioners.

During challenging times in American history, bold ideas and large dreams by leaders who thought big brought us through the darkness.  Here is what local politicians should be doing now if they want to start thinking big:

  • Abandon agendas and totally focus on getting people back to work.  Yes, jobs are more important than managing future growth.
  • Change the environment in Tavares so that business leaders are welcomed with open arms and encourage the flow of new ideas.
  • If you want to stimulate business in Lake County, cut property taxes on both businesses and homes by adjusting property assessments down to reflect the current downturn in prices.
  • Ask the community to come up with their list of big ideas, such as having a four year college in Lake County, a world class medical research center, regional arts and civic center, or a hub for the State’s amateur athletics program.  Then, gather the great minds that can make it happen; find the doers in the community.
  • Look at long-term infrastructure projects, which are going to be needed for growth, and embrace them.  Stop looking at everything from a prism of Lake County from 1970 and start looking forward to Lake County in 2030.
  • Recognize the brief rest from last summer’s energy crisis is only temporary and begin taking action to have Lake County become energy self-sufficient by bio-fuels, new power plants, and upgraded infrastructure which harnesses other alternatives.  20 years from now, energy planning could mean lights being kept on in Lake County.
  • Kill the bureaucracy which is paralyzing Lake County.  This County cannot be a people of doers when it takes six months to even get a project up for a first hearing.  Leaders must emerge who reject those who simply want to justify themselves a job by complicating every issue.

The bottom line is simple – either Lake County rejects those who wish to impede business and growth, or we become one of the poorest Counties in Florida.  If leadership does not emerge to think big, the third day of each month will soon become the most important for those left in the County, which is the day most government social security and welfare checks are issued.  It’s time to start thinking big!

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